This is how much faster the new 2018 iPhone X will be

A boost on last year's processor with even more RAM too

iPhone X

Apple's new 2018 iPhone X speed performance has been revealed and it looks like more RAM and a new A12 processor could be to thank for a boost in power.

Apple appears to have begun speed testing its new iPhone X for the expected September 2018 launch. Scores for the new iPhone were spotted on Geekbench where the handset has outperformed the current iPhone X making it Apple's fastest iPhone ever.

The device was listed as having 4GB of RAM, as opposed to the current iPhone X 3GB. It was also listed with an "ARM 2.49 GHz processor" as opposed to the current "2.39GHz A11 Bionic chip". Could this be the new A12? There is also a boost to the cache from 32KB to 128KB.

Before you start throwing your money at the screen, this leaked score refers to the device as the "iPhone 11, 2". This is most likely the follow-up to the iPhone X, but that 2 could denote this is a second version of the phone. Previous leaks have suggested there will be three new iPhone X style models with notch screens out this year.

The single core performance of this "ARM processor" is 10 percent faster than the current iPhone X while the multi-core is 5 percent quicker. That's not huge, suggesting this could be the more budget friendly 6.1-inch LCD iPhone X previously rumoured.

This less than amazing boost in performance may also indicate Apple's move to improve battery performance on its new iPhones, rather than focusing on pure processing power. The recent iOS 12 beta has resulted in older iPhones performing better, suggesting Apple does indeed have that focus in mind.

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