This brilliant, beautiful and very odd PS5 game is coming to Xbox and Game Pass

One of the very best games for PS5 is making its way to the other side

Ghostwire: Tokyo
(Image credit: Sony)

The best games aren't always the ones you know in advance that you're going to love. I bought Ghostwire: Tokyo for my PS5 out of desperation more than anything else; I wanted to play something that would take advantage of my shiny new console instead of just giving me a PS4 game with a slightly better frame rate. I was excited by the pre-release hype and the beautiful trailer (below) but didn't really think it'd be the kind of game that got under my skin. I was wrong. I loved it pretty much immediately. It's very beautiful, often very sad and completely compelling.

So I can honestly say to Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and Game Pass gamers that you're in for a big treat when it comes to your device next month. And if you've already got it on PlayStation, there's a treat coming for you too.

Spooky streets, supernatural shoot-outs and scary spiders

Alongside the Xbox and Game Pass announcement, Ghostwire developers Tango Gameworks announced that on the same day the game comes to Microsoft it'll also release the free Spider's Thread update, which will be available for all platforms. There's a trailer for that too, and it's below this article. 

Spider's Thread is a new DLC with a 30-stage challenge you can use to earn in-game currency for upgrading your powers. It also introduces new missions and new parts of Tokyo to explore, and I'm particularly excited about that: I loved the game's take on Tokyo so much that I kept wandering around its rain-soaked streets even when I'd finished the game. 

I think what I like most about Ghostwire, and what I think you'll like too, is that while it references a lot of games you've played before it still feels very fresh and very new, and the combination of its near-deserted streets and distinctly mournful atmosphere made it a surprisingly emotional experience for me. And now you can get all of that plus at least one giant spider monster. I can't wait to return.

Carrie Marshall

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