This Android phone with a 200MP camera is just £309 right now

The Honor 90 is a killer affordable phone – and it's got a 31% price cut at Amazon!

The Honor 90 on a pink background
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When we think of the best Android phones on the market, we think of the specs and technology on offer. Those handsets will have fantastic software and hardware capabilities, making them among the most popular out there.

Still that rarely equates to a cheap phone. Instead, that market is covered by other handsets, which aim to strike the balance between affordability and features.

One of our favourites in that realm is the Honor 90. This more affordable device packs in a gargantuan 200MP sensor, for crystal clear images that are just packed with detail. Right now, there's a 31% discount on the model at Amazonnow just £309!

Honor 90: was £449.99, now £309 at Amazon

Honor 90: was £449.99, now £309 at Amazon
Save £140 on this top rated smartphone with a whopping 200MP camera at Amazon. The Honor 90 is a respected handset with a seriously strong camera game, a 120Hz refresh rate and a 5,000mAh battery.

That's a fantastic deal. Even at its retail price of £449.99, the Honor 90 represented great value for money. Our reviewer was enamoured with the quality and ease of the camera, as well as the staggeringly good looks.

It's certainly hard to argue with that. The device itself is simply stunning, with a gorgeous curved AMOLED display which melts seamlessly into the back panel.

The 120Hz AMOLED display should make this good enough for casual gaming, too. One of the best gaming phones? Well that might be a stretch, but those kind of specs are unnecessary for most of us anyway. This handset should be more than enough for all but the hardcore users.

Elsewhere, there's just about everything you'd look for in a modern phone. A 5,000mAh battery matches up with many of the flagship devices on the market. That should provide ample capacity for use without fear of needing a top-up.

A Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 processor isn't the most flagship on the market, but it's certainly a good option. Anything in the Snapdragon family tends to be a solid option, with users benefitting from the vast array of expertise the company has.

This discount makes this a total no-brainer. Be quick though – it's already been active for a few days, so there's no telling how much longer it might stick around.

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