These special G-Shock watches make me wish I could surf

The G-Shock Surf Collection is beach and wave-friendly

G-Shock GLX watches on surfboard
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has launch a couple of G-Shock designs in its new Surf Collection. Ideal for surfers, the G-Shock GLX-S5600 and GBX-100TT watches have the brand's renowned shock-proofing and water resistance, but also give tide timings and details.

Both designs are built with bio-based resin for the bezel and band, which is more environmentally-friendly, and they are part of the G-Lide line-up of G-Shock sports watches. Casio has also employed professional surfer Malia Manuel to show them off, proving they are as effective when on (and in) the water as they are on the beach.

Malia Manuel wears G-Shock GLX while surfing

(Image credit: Casio)

Manuel has been wearing the GLX-5600 model, which is very much in the mould of classic G-Shocks with its octagonal shape and LCD display. Those are among the best watches from the last 40 years, so not exactly a bad idea.

It comes in four colours - pale blue, pale orange, black and off-white - which invoke a retro feel, placed somewhere in the mid-90s. There's mineral glass on the face that's scratch resistant, so it should withstand sand and the 200-metre waterproofing can survive a few spills into the drink, too.

The tide graph will adjust to your home location, but can also be calibrated to a chosen coast line. This can even be set for an advance date to keep informed before you arrive.

G-Shock GBX watches on blue background

(Image credit: Casio)

The G-Shock GBX-100TT also sports an octagonal look but is chunkier and less colourful. It's available with a grey or sand-coloured band, but where it lacks the fun factor, it is more feature-packed.

That's because, as well as display the tide graph like the GLX, it can also give you sunrise and sunset times, and sports training functions. This includes distance, speed and pace read-outs, so you can use it for other fitness activities other than surfing.

There's auto light tech too, which will illuminate the display when you title the watch towards you. Unlike a smartwatch though, you can continue to use the GBX-100TT for two years before having to replace the battery.

All of the G-Shock GLX-5600 and GBX-100TT variants are available in the UK now, with the GLX models priced from £99 and the GBX from £179.

We're waiting to hear about US availability and pricing, but it has been confirmed that they're heading to that region too.

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