These wished-for GTA 6 innovations would require all the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X

Gamers list innovations they'd like to see in GTA 6, and they're exciting and demanding in equal measure

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Thanks to a flurry of leaks and rumors over the past three months about the state of GTA 6, as well as its potential unveiling and release dates, the GTA community has sparked into life and delivered some amazing suggestions for how the game can be truly special.

And now gamers on the GTA 6 official Reddit have discussed exactly what innovations they hope the next Grand Theft Auto delivers to take the series, and open-world games, to the next level.

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And, being candid, if Rockstar implemented just a few of these innovations then GTA 6 would almost certainly be a 10/10 game, but many of them would require all the next-gen power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X to actualise.

We know from GTA 6 graphics analysis that the next-gen consoles are capable of delivering much, much more than was offered up on GTA V, and the enthusing thing is that the new features are detailed below could be implemented.

Here are some of the most note-worthy GTA 6 innovations gamers are wishing for.

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1. A persistent wanted system that is geo-specific

GTA 6 Reddit community member Asean47 makes a very common sense improvement stating that

"I really hope they use the wanted system in rdr2 or at least a system where the cops remember you after loosing your stars and have some consequences in place."

To us here at T3 this just makes perfect sense. If the GTA 6 world is going to be bigger than any other GTA game to date, and have multiple locations (maybe even multiple cities), it makes sense notoriety wouldn't be consistent throughout.

It would also make sense if certain areas controlled by certain gangs / bodies remember your actions, and don't just magically forget the moment you drive out of their patch that you've murdered 70 of them.

How likely is this? 9/10

T3 feels this is very likely considering Rockstar's last big open world game, Red Dead Redemption 2, had a basic version of this system.

GTA 6 car chase

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2. The ability to rob banks and a working prison system

GTA 6 Reddit community memeber chamoflag69 makes a series of innovative requests, including the game "having a prison system" and "houses, banks being able to rob them".

As SpectralEntity commented, "San Andreas had house robbing" so this makes sense to us here as T3 as a feature that could be expanded in innovative ways. There's probably multiple levels to this request, though.

The ability to rob houses would require those houses to be actually visitable, which in turn would mean they have interiors. Would this mean every house in GTA 6 would need an interior and decoration? That would be amazing but seems unlikely unless they could be computer generated at random.

As for banks, that seems more likely. Here at T3 we like the idea that you could, when you want, plan a bank robbery to make big bucks.

A working prison system would be good, too, but there would need to be some in-game negative consequences to it as otherwise it would be inconsequential.

How likely is this? 5/10

We think we could see elements of this innovation in GTA 6, but would not be surprised at all if it was only surface deep in terms of implementation.

3. Complex character relationships that can change

GTA 6 Reddit community member crissins69 hopes Rockstar are innovating in terms of building out in-game character relationships, stating that:

"Relationships are deep and complex between characters based on your actions like the dates in SA"

Now, we love this idea here at T3 and have written about how good this would be before. Having your actions actually have some consequences with main characters in the game would be a neat innovation and would actually add to the drama and depth.

The ability to go and hang out with people and build up a relationship, maybe in a Persona-style way, would be cool, too.

How likely is this? 6/10

This is a tough one to call as it really hangs on which direction Rockstar are taking GTA 6, which is reportedly in development hell right now. If it's going for a more mature take on GTA then it seems a likely innovation. However, if it is continuing down a more cartoony route like shown off in GTA V, then not so much.


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4. Better, expanded car stealing mechanics

This is very strong suggestion from our perspective, with GTA 6 Reddit community member kilometers13 stating that, "I really hope they revamp stealing cars" with the options like being able to smash a car window and unlocking the door as well as a lockpicking mini game.

Once the car is stolen, kilometers13 then suggests it would be innovative for the series if they introduce mechanics such as wanted level being tied to the specific outfit the player was wearing when the car was stolen, as well as the stolen car's plates and colorway. So by changing outfit and respraying the stolen car you can remove any unwanted attention, that would be more persistent without it.

How likely is this? 7/10

We think improvements to car theft mechanics are well overdue for a game called Grand Theft Auto, and can see these changes (at least in part) introduced.

GTA 6 map

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5. Continuous evolving map changes

And here we come to an innovation suggestion that we've heard rumors is happening, with a continuous, ever-evolving GTA 6 map a major change this time around.

Community member poklane expresses that:

"I'm expecting continuous map changes. Buildings which are under construction being finished and having a purpose, existing interiors being changed, no loading screens between the world and interiors like we have with the casino."

Again, this innovation seems tied to another, the more and better interiors innovation, but seems a no-brainer to us here at T3.

An evolving GTA 6 map will make the world feel properly alive in single player and would also play into the Fortnite-style online season-a-fication of multiplayer.

How likely is this? 8/10

We think it pretty nailed on that we're going to get an evolving world map in GTA 6 online. Single-player, story-tied changes could also happen.

6. Regular, believable in-game scenarios

Reddit user UpOxygen makes a series of innovative requests, but the one that stood out to us at T3 most is this one:

"Scenarios - people waiting outside nightclubs are actually having their ID checked (sometimes also getting patted down) and then enter (with the line moving up and the process continuing), outside certain places at certain times there will be people outside bars or nightclubs vomiting due to drunkenness, people carry groceries, multiple random scenarios to see such as broken down cars on highways and just all stuff like that."

Now, these scenarios are obviously tied to other in-game innovations such as the one immediately below, but on a most basic level many of these scenarios can be pre-programmed into GTA 6. It makes sense that there would be a queue outside a nightclub at night, as to for people to be carrying groceries during the day.

Equally, people do break down on the roads. All these small scenarios would add a level of realism to GTA 6 that, simply put, was not evident in GTA V. And more realism would make the game more immersive, which is only a good thing.

How likely is this? 8/10

We think these smaller extra details and in-game world scenarios are very likely in GTA 6. With more processing power on tap thanks to the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, Rockstar can program more life into the Grand Theft Auto game world.

7. Better AI that acts more consistently

Community member sherlockCodeGeassFan hopes there are just two big innovations in GTA 6, "enterable buildings and better A.I".

We've dealt with the former above, and we really do think there will be more enterable buildings in GTA 6 (although just how many remains to be seen), and excitingly we have officially heard from Rockstar itself that it is very focussed on game AI right now.

Here is what Rockstar have said it is working on in terms of AI:

1. "Improve the responsiveness and quality of humans and animals with lower production costs".

2. Develop "machine learning approaches".

3. Create "better parity between AI and player-controlled characters".

And, well, we think it obvious that Rockstar's next major game will benefit from these AI innovations. Here at T3 we'll just take NPCs not immediately going from panic to non-panic states at the flick of switch, though.

How likely is this? 10/10

Rockstar has confirmed it is working on AI and why wouldn't it put any innovations in AI into GTA 6? Exactly, it wouldn't.


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8. Time-travel mechanics

Finally, GTA 6 Reddit community member MYNAMEISHENDRIK asks for "the use of different time-periods with a dynamic map - and time switch".

We've heard whispers that GTA 6 is set in two time periods, so we think the commenter is on to something. However, what we're not sure of is if the time-switching mechanic will be tied to pre-set story transitions, or if you can switch on-demand at any time.

The latter option would obviously be very innovative, but we imagine it would require a lot of processing power and coding wizardry. We did have character switching on-demand though in GTA V, albeit on the same map and time period, so maybe it's not out of the questions with PS5 and Xbox Series X power on tap.

How likely is this? 3/10

Will there be multiple time periods in GTA 6? Yes. Will you be able to switch between them at will? Probably no.

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