These are some of the best Dyson deals we've seen – it's like Christmas came (slightly) early!

Dyson fans and vacuums get big price cuts at a shop you might not expect…

Dyson deals at eBay
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I don't know if everyone is wise to the fact that Dyson sells quality refurbished products via eBay… but they should be. As well as consistently lower-than-average prices on top Dyson products, due to them being refurbished, the official Dyson Outlet there also has frequent sales. And right now, eBay is hosting some of the best Dyson deals you'll see this side of Christmas. 

To make the most of them you'll need to use a voucher code, and you'll also need to get a shift on as the best deals end tomorrow, December 22. There's discounts on Dyson vacuum cleaners and fans, and you'll need to enter the code DECSALE at checkout to get the maximum discounts. 

• You can find all the Dyson products getting deals here

You won't see any of these deals until you put them in your basket. At that point you'll get 15% off the listed price. Enter your address details and apply the DECSALE voucher code and you get another 10% off. Yes, it's a bit convoluted, but it works and it's worth the effort. 

Most of these products are refurbished, as mentioned above. However, be not afraid, as they all come with a one-year warranty and can be returned within 30 days – Dyson will pay for return postage – if you are not 110% satisfied.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool was £550, now £421 at eBay

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool was £550, now £421 at eBay
You can get an impressive £129 off this purifier and heater, and all you have to do is add a voucher code: DECSALE – not to be confused with DESCALE, which is what you do to a kettle. This tri-functional fan will keep you warm in winter, cooler in summer and with fresher air all year around. It's official Dyson refurb stock, with warranty, and you only get the full discount until Tuesday December 22, or stocks run out, whichever happens sooner.

Dyson V10 Total Clean was £399, now £298 at eBay

Dyson V10 Total Clean was £399, now £298 at eBay
Boasting more cleaning heads than anyone could possibly need, this was the first of Dyson's upsized, more powerful cordless vacs. It's still a very strong performer and with £101 off the original price it's also a gold-plated bargain – this is the price you'd normally pay for the elderly Dyson V8, which is greatly inferior to the V10 Total Clean. 

Dyson Pure Cool Me was £250, now £191 at eBay

Dyson Pure Cool Me was £250, now £191 at eBay
An unusual take on the air purifier, this is not for cleaning and cooling the air throughout the room. No, as the name suggests, this is more for cleaning and cooling the air in the immediate vicinity of your good self. It's great for when you or your toddler is in bed and also comes in very handy for the home office on a hot day. If the central heating is on, it can still be useful in winter, too. 

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