There are new Samsung Galaxy phones coming that could save you a bundle

If you want Samsung goodness for less, these could be the handsets for you

Leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55
(Image credit: Evan Blass)
Quick Summary

Images have leaked of the Samsung Galaxy A35 and A55 handsets. These show off what the affordable Samsung phones might look like.

However, we still don't know exactly when they're hitting the market.

While many will revel over the best Samsung phones on the market, it's certainly not everything the brand has to offer. Sure, flagship phones are packed to the rafters with interesting tech, but the Samsung name doesn't stop there.

In fact, some of the midrange and affordable handsets the brand offer are equally impressive, putting out killer specs for the price. That was certainly the case with the Samsung Galaxy A53 handset, which bagged a four-star review when we tested it.

Then, a generation later, we saw the Samsung Galaxy A54. That redesigned the rear panel to look more like the top spec models, while also packing in a range of brilliant cameras for some added shot snapping prowess.

Now, the latest generation of affordable handsets are being touted online. In particular, a couple of product images have just been shared by respected tech tipster, Evan Blass. Blass enjoys a handsome reputation within the tech space, giving these images some added credence.

There's not too much we can take from them, though. The styling is maintained from the A54 model, with a triple camera array on the rear of the handset. That sits in the top left-hand corner, with the three arranged vertically.

Another image shared by Blass (as shown on GSMArena) hints at the inclusion of a few features. First, the splashing of water suggests that a pretty nifty water resistance rating may be present. Then, the security badge hints at the inclusion of Knox security suite software on the handsets. Last, but by no means least, there's a banana yellow finish option which isn't seen anywhere else.

Both the A55 and the A35 handsets are expected to use Samsung's in-house Exynos chipsets. While that may strike fear into the hearts of some, the Exynos range offers great value-for-money on these handsets, and has seen significant improvements after issues on flagships a few years back.

Pricing remains to be confirmed, but with a whole host of leaks cropping up, expect to hear something soon.

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