The Skullcandy x Pit Viper wireless headphones collab is pure 90s nostalgia and I need them now

I don't think I wanted anything in my life more than how much I want a pair of these headphones

Skullcandy x Pit Viper headphones collab
(Image credit: Skullcandy x Pit Viper)

When I first saw the Skullcandy x Budweiser headphones collab, I thought that was it; Skullcandy surely can't get any more OTT about its headphones. I was wrong. And this time, I'm happy to be wrong. The new Skullcandy x Pit Viper limited edition headphones are even whackier than the glossy Budweiser cans. I suspect it has something to do with the Pit Viper's brand mentality; have a look at the promo video here.

The collection includes some of the best Skullcandy headphones such as the Skullcandy Dime and the Skullcandy Grind but this time, they look a million times sexier.

“With Skullcandy and Pit Viper sharing a love for the fast-living outdoor lifestyle and disrupting the status quo, we held nothing back as this collaboration is long overdue,” said Jessica Klodnicki, Chief Marketing Officer at Skullcandy. “We’ve adopted Pit Viper’s iconic, outrageously retro style, which has taken the realms of action sports and fashion by storm, encouraging our fans not to take life too seriously as they jam out in style.”

Skullcandy x Pit Viper headphones collab

(Image credit: Skullcandy x Pit Viper)

As Skullcandy explains, with these limited-edition Grind ($89.99/£79.99 /€89.99) , Push Active ($89.99/£79.99 /€89.99) and Dime ($34.99/£39.99 /€44.99) true wireless earbuds, 2022 meets the ‘90s, featuring a futuristic yet vintage-inspired neon pink, purple and blue colourway. Skullcandy took inspiration from one of Pit Viper’s popular colourways, “Midnight,” while incorporating signature Pit Viper elements, including splatter paint, iridium lenses and distinguishable colour combinations.

"We’re stoked to unleash a collab that really tickles our fancy for music and for having a downright, damn good time,” said Emilia Szubzda, Marketing Director at Pit Viper. “Pit Viper and Skullcandy simultaneously bring the party to your eyes and ears in a way no other union could.”

This is a limited edition you don't want to miss out on! Visit Skullcandy today for more info.

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