The Samsung Galaxy S24 is set to get one of iPhone's best new features

A leaked screengrab shows the Galaxy S24 series will finally embrace something Apple introduced last year

Green Galaxy S23 Ultra
(Image credit: Samsung)

It's looking ever more likely that the Samsung Galaxy S24 will get a feature which Apple introduced to the iPhone last year, and could help you out if you get stuck in a remote area.

Emergency texting via satellite does pretty much what it says on the tin. If you find yourself in an area with no mobile signal, smartphones which support the feature can connect to satellites to allow you to send text messages.

Apple introduced its 'Emergency SOS via satellite' feature in 2022 with the iPhone 14, and the service also made it into the iPhone 15 series. Now it's Samsung's turn to look to the skies for communication in remote locations.

A screenshot shared by SamMobile claiming to be from the Galaxy S24 details the 'Emergency texts via satellite' feature which is set to come to the handset.

The description reads "if you call emergency services when you're out of range or not connected to a mobile network, we'll connect you via satellite so you can send an emergency text."

It's part of a wider emergency feature set on the Galaxy S24, with the leaked screenshot also showing details about sharing emergency contacts, a shortcut to dial emergency services, and the ability to record key medical information which can be viewed by others if you find yourself in trouble.

Looking more and more likely

This isn't the first we've heard about the S24 series potentially getting the satellite link-up, with Samsung announcing a new network back in February, while in August a tipster pointed towards the feature possibly coming to Samsung's next flagship devices.

It's positive to see this emergency feature rolled out to more handsets, and while it's one we hope will never need to be used, it's reassuring to know our tech can provide potentially life-saving services like this.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is set to be revealed in early 2024, with January (or very early February) being rumoured as a likely launch window so there shouldn't be too much longer to wait until we find out more about this feature and what else the new smartphones will have to offer.

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