Samsung Galaxy phones could borrow this top iPhone 14 feature

It could make the Android phone range a literal life saver

iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via satellite
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To say that lovers of Android phones and fans of the iPhone are like warring factions might sometimes feel like an understatement. Users can be fiercely loyal to their respective side, with arguments toing and froing over which side has the edge.

Of course, when both are so popular, it's only natural for there to be some overlap. Every now and again, we see a fantastic new feature unveiled by one party. When that happens, you know it won't take long for it to feature on the other side, too.

That was the case on the iPhone 14 when Emergency SOS via Satellite was launched. The feature allows users to make contact with the emergency services if they find themselves stranded and out of traditional cellular signal range.

It's been a triumph. The feature definitely had its sceptics at launch, but numerous cases of the device saving lives have made headlines – most recently in the devastating fires in Hawaii.

Now, it looks likely that Samsung phones will adopt the technology in the near future. The news comes from Tech_Reve, a tech tipster who enjoys a handsome reputation for leaking information about smartphones.

This particular bit of information comes from a fairly reliable source, too. Jong-Ho Lee, the Minister of Science and ICT in South Korea, announced in an interview that a domestic manufacturer is expected to release a device with satellite connectivity next year.

Based on the distinct lack of South Korean smartphone manufacturers, we can infer that Lee was likely talking about Samsung. And with the timing mentioned, it looks set to appear on the Samsung Galaxy S24.

There's no mention of exactly which models could see the feature employed. It's possible that it may be reserved for the top spec Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, as is sometimes the case with new features. 

However, given that Apple employed the feature on all of the models in their range, I'd guess that Samsung will look to follow suit. Failing to do so could weaken the impact of the new feature, and might appear like the brand were putting life-saving features behind a paywall, of sorts.

The new range is expected to be unveiled in February 2024, based on historic release schedules. That means we're still around six months out from the launch. That's plenty of time for things to change. Regardless, it's worth keeping an eye out for more leaks and rumours as the date draws nearer. 

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