The PS5 Pro is reportedly in development, offering a welcome upgrade for PS5 users

It could offer a mid-term upgrade between the PS5 and the PS6

PS5 console with green background
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Earlier this week, news broke that the Sony PS6 – successor to the iconic PS5 console – wasn't expected until around 2027. That came from a series of documents published by the Competition and Markets Authority, a branch of the UK government who regulate UK markets.

They're currently looking into the potential takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, and the documents in question form part of Sony's contention of the takeover. Although the actual date was redacted, other parts of the document gave away what was hidden.

The news is likely to have been well received by those who have just got their hands on a PS5. It's been notoriously difficult to get hold of, with every announcement of a PS5 restock being cleared out in minutes. But for those who've had one for a while, the news may have been less well received, with the PS5 set to be the pinnacle of Sony's console gaming range for seven years.

Fortunately for those looking for upgrades, there's rumour of PS5 Pro model in the works. The news comes from Insider Gaming, a relatively new publication in the gaming space which has a focus on leaks and insider information.

Details about the unit are sparse at best. We know that it's expected to release in 2024, but everything else is still up in the air. However, we'd certainly expect to see a performance boost to warrant the introduction of another model.

Personally, I think this is a sensible decision from Sony. Stock of the PS5 is just starting to return to normal, meaning that those who have been waiting patiently can finally get their hands on one. But for anyone looking for an upgrade, or those still waiting to make a purchase, the promise of a more capable unit might win favour, and cause a mid-season boost to sales of consoles and PS5 games.

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