The OLED iPad Pro is tipped to be slightly bigger and a whole lot better

Report says Apple's OLED iPad Pros will be coming in 2024 and 2026

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Apple's plans for a 14 or 16-inch iPad Pro have apparently been dropped, but a new report says its plans for OLED models of its best tablet are very much alive and well – and they'll bring two new iPad Pro models in 2024 and 2026 respectively.

That ties in with previous reports that the iPad Pro would be moving to OLED from 2024 and that it would use a double-stack OLED panel to deliver much more brightness than standard OLEDs. That would address the biggest potential downside of OLED iPads for pro users, who need their devices to deliver high levels of brightness.

The iPad Pro 2024 and 2026: slightly bigger, but much brighter

The latest report comes from trade site ET news, as reported by MacRumors, and it seems to clarify why there were previous rumours of even bigger iPads: the 14 and 16-inch panels are destined not for iPads but for MacBook Pros.

According to the new report, the iPad Pro panels will be 10.86 inches and 12.9 inches respectively, with the larger one launching first. Apple is also planning a 13-inch MacBook Air with OLED for release in 2024.

Apple is also thinking in the even longer term: while OLED is a step up from mini-LED, it's not as good as microLED. Apple is reportedly planning to bring microLED to all its key devices, starting with the Apple Watch Ultra but ultimately including even its biggest MacBook Pros too.

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