Apple reportedly planning a 16-inch iPad Pro for 2023

A massive iPad could be on the way for pro users and could be here as soon as next year. Time to get saving

Apple iPad Pro 2021
(Image credit: Apple)

According to new reports, Apple is planning to release its biggest, baddest iPad yet: one with a whopping 16-inch display and a price tag of eleventy billion pounds. I made that second bit up, but clearly a 16-inch iPad Pro isn't going to be cheap – and a Pro is the most likely model to come in such a big size, because it's likely to be popular with artists, photographers, video editors and other creative types.

We've heard suggestions of bigger iPads before, but the latest report comes from The Information and claims that Apple's definitely working on a 16-inch iPad "further blurring [the] line with laptops".

What do we know about the 16-inch iPad Pro?

Very little. According to the report, "A 16-inch iPad would likely be geared toward creative professionals such as graphic artists and designers who prefer a larger screen" but other specifications are unknown. 

It's interesting to consider this report alongside previous suggestions of a 14-inch, mini-LED iPad Pro that Apple is apparently also working on; that could mean iPad Pro equivalents of Apple's most powerful laptops, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro M2s. Like those laptops, such iPads would be aimed specifically at Apple's most demanding customers with price tags to match.

Apple has faced some criticisms for this year's relatively minor M2 iPad Pro update, and there are still plenty of concerns over the iPadOS's multitasking. But there's no doubt that the M2 iPads are astonishingly powerful devices, and that bigger models would be highly valued by pros. 

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