The Leica Q3 just got a staggering free software upgrade

Your photos are about to look even better!

The Leica Q3 camera on a grey and pink background
(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

While it may not be the most common camera brand on the market, Leica are certainly a company which deserve their plaudits. The German manufacturer can be credited with some of the most significant camera developments in history, and continue to make fantastic, hand-built cameras to this day.

The brand have just announced their latest camera – the Leica SL3. That's a mirrorless camera with a whole host of new bells and whistles.

But it's not that one which has caught my eye here. No, instead it's the Leica Q3 which has nabbed a pretty sweet free upgrade – straight from the SL3 itself!

That comes in the form of a new Leica Look which can be downloaded onto the camera. The new look – called Leica Eternal – is a beautiful setting. Users will find more contrast, more saturation and a magenta tint here, offering a gorgeously rich image with colours that burst forward.

I had the pleasure of shooting with the new Leica Eternal setting as part of the launch event for the SL3. You can check out the images below for a taste – though be aware that these were shot on the SL3, not the Q3:

It's certainly a welcome addition to the range. While the other coloured Leica Look profiles are nice, they really do lack the vibrancy and saturation that has become so popular recently.

Interestingly, the Look never seems to stray too far from the image in front of you. Sure, the colours do pop a little harder, but it's not unrecognisably so. This time, though, you'll get a nice layer of added depth and dimension.

In order to get the Leica Eternal setting on your Q3, you'll need to download it from the Leica FOTOS app. From there, the setting can simply be applied to anything you shoot via an option in the settings menu. 

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