The Hyperice Venom Go might change running and workout recovery forever

Well, the Venom Go will certainly make it easier to apply heat treatment in tricky areas such as your shoulders and forearms

Hyperice launches Venom Go portable spot heat treatment device
(Image credit: Hyperice)

This came out of the blue, but Hyperice, one of the best massage gun brands, launched two new products within their heat therapy category, much to the delight of anyone suffering from shoulder or lower back pain and those who wish to recover from workouts and runs faster. The Venom Go and Venom 2, alongside HyperHeat technology, are said to provide "the fastest, most consistent and even distribution of heat to relieve sore, stiff muscles and promote wellness." Sign me up!

Of the two new products, the Venom Go is admittedly the more exciting concept; thanks to its compact design, it can deliver heat and vibration spot treatment in more areas, such as the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, calves, and even the forearms! This could be a game changer for athletes who can use the Venom Go to nip minor niggles in the bud by treating them locally instead of using a more general approach.

With the launch of Venom Go and the Venom 2, Hyperice also introduces their new HyperHeat technology, which delivers a faster, more consistent distribution of heat across a greater surface area, allowing for a more premium experience for users, Hyperice says. Hopefully, this means you won't experience that burning sensation that used to be the characteristic of heat treatment devices...

What is the Hyperice Venom GO?

The Venom Go is a heat and vibration wearable that consists of a control pod that magnetically connects to an adhesive pad and is applied directly to the skin. Venom Go pads are reusable approximately 20 to 40 times each (depending on placement on the body and any sweat, lotion or oil on the skin) and cover 13.5 square inches. You can select from three levels of heat and three levels of vibration.

After being applied to the skin, the Venom Go can reach up to 45°C in 90 seconds - or just 20 seconds before being applied to the skin. The control pod and pad weigh 0.2 lbs/90g and hold a battery life of up to 60 minutes on a full charge, with a typical session running for 10 minutes. The Venom Go is charged via a USB connection and is TSA approved for travelling.

The Venom Go is controlled via the Hyperice App; users can sync multiple pods to deliver tailored spot treatments across different areas of the body at once for a unique heat and vibration therapy experience.

The Venom Go (US $149 / UK £159) and Venom 2 line (US $249 / UK £269) are available for pre-order from 15 September 2022 in the UK for the next seven days and will be fully available from 22 September 2022 via Hyperice and selected retailers, as well as globally across all countries and regions where Hyperice is sold.

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