The force is strong with this Star Wars limited edition OnePlus 5T

Kylo Ren approved

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits cinemas in a few weeks and T3 is super excited. We've been playing with the best tie-in Star Wars toys, Lego sets, video games and more in advance of the film, and now it looks like we'll be able to take our fandom even further.

That's because a limited Star Wars edition of the well-reviewed OnePlus 5T is launching on December 14th in Mumbai, India, offering a device that is decorated with the Star Wars logo on the back, a scarlet red side button, and what appears to be a custom UI skin.

Naturally, the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition phone comes with a slick tie-in reveal video, which states the phone is "strong enough to rule the galaxy" and depicts baddie Kylo Ren reaching for it. Check the trailer now:

So, evidently this version of the phone is the dark side's choice of telecommunication tool, and indeed the Sith could do much, much worse, with the standard, non-Star Wars edition of the OnePlus 5T getting a perfect 5-star score from T3.

Unfortunately, no price has been confirmed as of yet for this special edition phone, or whether or not it is going to be made available to purchase in other countries aside from India. It has been confirmed, however, that you can watch the launch of the phone live on the 14th at 19:00 IST by heading on over the phone's official webpage or, if you're in Mumbai on the date, get a ticket for the launch event.

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