The best PS5 3D Wireless Headset Black Friday deals of the day

No PS5 is complete without Sony's PULSE 3D Wireless Headset, now with big Black Friday deals

Sony PS5 3D PULSE Wireless Headset Black Friday deals 2020
(Image credit: Sony)

Sony launched the PS5 earlier this month with great fanfare and for good reason: its a stunning next-gen console that pushes the boundaries of how good games can look. But no PS5 is complete without Sony's new PULSE 3D Wireless Headset, which has some pretty cracking Black Friday deals on offer.

If you're into gaming, having a headset is a must; it's the only way to truly immerse yourself in the game to the extent that you can hear specifically where an enemy is located and so on. Plus, it won't annoy your parents, kids, partner, or whoever else you live with, at least not as much. 

The PS5's 3D Wireless Headset does what it says on the tin: Sony has worked to include next-gen sonics that surround the player alongside double noise cancelling and USB C charging, plus a load of under-the-hood improvements. 

The PS5 is capable of putting out higher-def audio than previous consoles and these headphones take advantage of that, placing you directly in the centre of immersive soundscapes within games. Your only problem will be keeping track of how many hours have gone by.

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