The best John Lewis Boxing Day sale deals 2020: live now

The John Lewis Boxing Day sale has big discounts on 4K TVs, coffee machines, kitchen appliances and much more

John Lewis Boxing Day sale
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If you're looking for post-Christmas bargains then hurry along to the John Lewis Boxing Day sale, which is fast becoming one of the best Boxing Day sales. Alongside the regular January sales John Lewis has all sorts of great deals on premium goods, from electrical items both big and small through to bargains for every room in the house. It's your chance to kick off the New Year in style.

John Lewis didn't used to make such a big thing of the whole Boxing Day sale thing, but this year it is offer more big discounts on TVs, appliances, speakers and myriad electrical gadgets, along with money off premium cookware like Le Creuset. Think of what was on offer during Black Friday and you'll be in the right ballpark.

In short, if there's something that you need to pick up for as little money as possible then there's a good chance that John Lewis is going to be able to help you in the endeavour.

To help you pick your way through the Boxing Day sale deals and new year bargains we've got sections below that will let you head straight to your preferred John Lewis Boxing Day sale department. Good luck!

John Lewis Boxing Day sales: quick links

John Lewis Boxing Day Sale and best deals by department

John Lewis Home and Garden Boxing Day Sale
If home and garden improvements are on your mind then John Lewis has some perfect deals for you, with discounts on a host of items – from bedding to tableware to furniture, there's a lot here to choose from, and a lot of price reductions to take advantage of.

John Lewis Television Boxing Day Sale
When it comes to television sets in the John Lewis Boxing Day sale, we are seeing some serious reductions in prices, so now's the perfect time to go for that upgrade. LG, Samsung and Sony TVs are among those that now cost significantly less than they used to.

John Lewis Laptop Boxing Day Sale
Head into the new year with a brand new laptop courtesy of the John Lewis Boxing Day sale: some of the portable computers you can buy from the retailer are now discounted by hundreds of pounds at the moment, and there are plenty of tablet deals too.

John Lewis Furniture and Lights Boxing Day Sale
If you're in need of some furniture or lighting fixtures then John Lewis has you covered this Boxing Day – and you don't need to pay full price for your new stuff either. We're currently seeing reductions of more than £100 in some cases on a host of items.

John Lewis Bedding Boxing Day Sale
Sleep easy knowing that you've saved a substantial amount of cash on bedding in the John Lewis Boxing Day sale – we can direct you straight to the most appealing offers across duvets, sheets and more, and you might be surprised at how low these prices are.

John Lewis Menswear Boxing Day Sale
Treat yourself or someone you know with some very tempting offers on menswear this Boxing Day. Discounts are being applied across a host of different brands, from Ralph Lauren to Reiss, so whatever you need you should find something that fits.

John Lewis Womenswear Boxing Day Sale
John Lewis isn't being shy when it comes to knocking down prices on some very stylish womenswear in its Boxing Day sales, and if you follow our links then you'll find discounts on Mint Velvet, AllSaints and plenty of other brands. Don't miss out on these deals.

John Lewis offers a premium online shopping experience that echoes the quality product lines it stocks on the web and in-store. You get delivery, of course, while there's a two year guarantee on many items, while TVs often come with a generous five years. Getting a discount in the Boxing Day sale and that kind of reassurance for backup, especially on big ticket items, is always a good thing, we think.

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