The Adidas PulseBoost HD Winterized running shoes will get you ready for your winter runs

Water repellent running trainers with an AI-designed outsole

Adidas PulseBoost HD Winterized
(Image credit: Adidas)

Let's face it: no one prefers to run in the cold and dark weather we are about to experience. I know this, you know this and Adidas knows this too; that's why it created the Adidas PulseBoost HD Winterized, an all-weather variation of its Adidas PulseBoost HD running trainers we reviewed very recently.

The Adidas PulseBoost HD Winterized are low-profile running trainers that were engineered with ballistic nylon to be more water repellent. More reflective details have been added on it, too, so you can comply with the number one rule of winter running: see and be seen.

• Pre-order the Adidas PulseBoost HD Winterized running shoes directly from Adidas for £119.95 (release date 10 October 2019)

A new feature is the AI-developed Continental Adaptive Traxion outsole, which allows for maximum grip on both wet and dry ground, and indeed, in an urban environment – where the PulseBoost HD Winterized is most likely to be used – the shoes provide excellent grip.

Adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized

The Adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized gives a great running trainer some extra weather-proofing

(Image credit: Adidas)

What's so great about the Adidas PulseBoost HD Winterized running trainers?

The Adidas PulseBoost HD Winterized builds on the foundation set by the likes of Adidas UltraBoost 19.

The Boost HD midsole was engineered to provide more stability and good energy return on hard surfaces like concrete. The PulseBoost HD Winterized feels tighter and thanks to the low-profile of the shoes, zig-zagging past people and obstacles has never been easier.

Sharp turns are also supported by the new Continental Rubber outsole developed by artificial intelligence. We don't trust humans with design tasks anymore! If AI is good enough to know what we want to watch on Netflix, it will be good enough to know what the best layout is for an outsole.

Having said that, The PulseBoost HD Winterized indeed feels grippy, even on wet concrete, so the system is working.

Most importantly, the top of the shoes have been reinforced with ballistic nylon, a water repellent treatment with a cosy lining and reflective materials that allow your feet to stay warm and dry during runs on cold and wet days. Basically every day until next May.

The Adidas PulseBoost HD Winterized will be available from Adidas from 10 October 2019 for the RRP of £119.95.

Adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized

The women's version sports a lighter colourway

(Image credit: Adidas)
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