Apple TV+ in talks to bring back Ted Lasso, according to show maker

The head of the production studio has revealed discussions have taken place

Ted Lasso
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The head of the production studio behind Ted Lasso, Warner Bros TV, has said that there have been discussions on a potential return of Ted Lasso.

Apple TV+ wants it back, so does she. They're just making sure Jason Sudeikis is happy with the plans.

Apple TV+ showcased a few shows returning to the platform during its WWDC 24 keynote on Monday, which included Severance and Silo, but it's arguably most successful and widely known series was nowhere to be seen.

That's because Ted Lasso ended with its third and final season last year and while many hoped a follow-up would emerge, we've so far heard nothing official.

There have been a few mumurings since, with cast members like Phil Dunster, who plays Jamie Tartt, suggesting a spinoff could happen, but nothing concrete.

Nick Mohammed also recently ramped up speculation by adding a winking emoji to an X post about the Ted Lasso "The Complete Series" DVD box set, but again that's not really any form of confirmation.

Now though we have something a little more solid to go on with the head of the show's production company, Warner Bros TV, confirming that the it, Apple's streaming service, and Ted Lasso himself, Jason Sudeikis.

"We’ve had conversations," revealed the studio's CEO, Channing Dungey, to a panel at the Banff World Media Festival in Canada (via Deadline).

"I think Jason Sudeikis is open to the idea, but I think he wants to have the right idea, which I appreciate. We at Warner Bros appreciate, Apple appreciates, because it’s the sort of thing where you don’t want to go do more just for the sake of more.

"You want to go do more because you actually have something to say, you have a story that you want to tell. We’ll see what happens."

What's exciting is that she didn't rule out Sudeikis returning as Lasso in a fourth season. It had commonly been thought that if Ted Lasso is to return, it would focus on other characters.

That might still be the case, of course, but it seems that nothing is off the table yet.

Unfortunately, as for timings, it's very unlikely we'll be getting any further adventures of AFC Richmond with or without their inspirational manager any time soon. But, as Lasso himself would say, we have to "believe".

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