Is Ted Lasso returning to Apple TV? This might be the biggest hint yet

The popular football series might just make it back onto our screens in the near future

Ted Lasso season 3 still
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Will there be a fourth season of Ted Lasso?

According to a recent cryptic tweet from a star of the show, there just might be...

In recent years, we've been blessed with some fantastic TV. The advent of streaming services has given us a steady stream of brilliant shows and movies, at a rate which simply wasn't possible before.

And while everyone will have a different favourite, it's hard not to have a soft spot for Apple TV's football comedy, Ted Lasso. Following the adventure of an American Football coach in a new world, the series has risen to immense popularity over three seasons.

Many have questioned whether the current offering is all we'll get though. And while the prevailing wisdom has suggested that a fourth season might not arrive, that no longer appears the case.

In a post on Twitter, actor Nick Mohammed – who plays Nathan "Nate" Shelley in the show – shared an image of a new Blu Ray copy of the first three seasons. That's going on sale as of the end of July.

However, it wasn't the content, but rather the caption, which raised eyebrows. Mohammed put "The Complete Series" in quotation marks, and accompanied the post with a winking face emoji.

It's certainly a provocative tweet. Many have since began to question whether we have, in fact, seen the last of AFC Richmond.

Many other members of the cast have been more reserved about the prospect of a fourth season. Lead man, Jason Sudeikis, has expressly said that the story is done. That sentiment was echoed by creator and actor, Brendan Hunt, who said "no-one wants more for the sake of it."

Leading lady, Hannah Waddington, was far more cryptic. She echoed some of the sentiments of fans, suggesting that, with so many character arcs to follow, there is certainly the range for another season.

Without any kind of official word right now, we'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for further details down the line. The one thing we can do? Believe.

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