TAG Heuer revives its eyewear collection with first-ever 3D frames

Debuting at LVMH Watch Week, TAG Heuer surprises fans with new glasses line

TAG Heuer Eyewear
(Image credit: TAG Heuer)

Luxury watchmaker, TAG Heuer has just relaunched its eyewear collection, as part of LVMH Watch Week. In partnership with eyewear expert Thélios, the Avant-Garde Eyewear collection combines performance, style, functionality and innovation to create three new sporty glasses lines.

LVMH Watch Week has been taking place in Miami this week, and brands including Zenith, Bulgari and Hublot have been debuting its latest novelties. TAG Heuer has been at the centre of the event, having launched multiple novelties including a Carrera Chronograph with an emerald green dial and a Carrera Date Plasma Diamant D’Avant-Garde with lab-grown coloured diamonds.

But that’s not all that TAG Heuer has announced at the event. The brand has given its TAG Heuer Eyewear a revival with three product lines, featuring five different designs. The original TAG Heuer eyewear collection launched in 2002 and introduced popular models like Reflex and 27°. Production of TAG Heuer glasses halted in 2016, and now after a seven year hiatus, it’s back with its Pro Performance, Sport Performance and Daily Performance collections.

The three new eyewear lines consist of sporty and sophisticated designs to offer timeless style and avant-garde aesthetics. Using TAG Heuer Specta technology and frames with Dyneema recycled graphite or titanium, each design features distinctive elements, including iconic hinges, sleek lines, elastic rubber frames and durable materials.

With sport, athleticism and adventure in mind, the Pro Performance line is designed for extreme conditions, the Sport performance is a combination of style, form and function, and the Daily performance is for everyday but with a sporty twist. Within the three product lines are five different styles, including the Bolide, Flex, Shield Pro, Line and Vingt Sept, although the latter three are the only glasses you can currently view on the TAG Heuer website.

As teased on TAG Heuer’s Instagram in the lead-up to LVMH Watch Week, the Shield Pro glasses look like oversized ski goggles or cycling glasses. Built for sport performances, this mask-like design comes with interchangeable lenses in green, red violet and burgundy, for practicality both on and off the bike or slopes.

The Line collection has been designed with ultra-light but durable materials, including Dyneema and 3D-printed titanium and semi-matte bio nylon. These glasses have a distinct double bridge design and the lenses come in green, red violet and smoke colourways.

The Vingt Sept is the brand’s first-ever 3D metal frames, and seem to fall in between the Shield Pro and Line, in terms of design. The frames and hinges are made of carbon fibre, stainless steel and semi-matte bio nylon, and come with red or green polarised lenses.

The revival of its eyewear collection shows that TAG Heuer is back with a bang. The product lines have something for everyone and can be worn from day to night, in the office or while playing sports. The entire line is expected to launch in March this year.

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