The T3 AI bot will find you the best Prime Day deals

Find the best discounts for Prime Big Deal Days on T3 quicker than ever

Here at T3, we get asked all the time, what is the best deal? Having written hundreds of them for Amazon Prime Day, we can probably recommend something. The problem is, we can't answer everyone individually. 

So until we work out how to clone our writers, the clever people in the Future tech team have created an AI bot that can understand your question and then find the best deal from the pages of T3 for you. 

If there's not a matching deal on T3, then it will recommend a deal on one of our sister publications that best matches your needs. And failing that, will find one itself on Amazon

If you want to browse all of our recommendations, then take a look at our Prime Big Deal Days hub, where you'll find our pick of the best offers and discounts. 

T3's top 5 daily deals

Mat Gallagher

As T3's Editor-in-Chief, Mat Gallagher has his finger on the pulse for the latest advances in technology. He has written about technology since 2003 and after stints in Beijing, Hong Kong and Chicago is now based in the UK. He’s a true lover of gadgets, but especially anything that involves cameras, Apple, electric cars, musical instruments or travel.