T3 Awards 2020: GoPro HERO7 White snaps up the award for best budget action cam

It's not the newest model, but if you're on the hunt for a budget action camera, the HERO7 White still can't be beaten

T3 Awards 2020 GoPro Hero7 White
(Image credit: GoPro)

Snapping up the award for Best Budget Action Camera in the T3 Awards 2020 is the GoPro HERO7 White. It's the second time this model has won the award, and it's still sitting pretty at the top of our ranking of the best cheap action cameras 2020.

The HERO7 White is one of GoPro's older models and is no longer available through the GoPro site – but you can still pick one up at third party retailers, and it shines strong against competitors' offerings in the same price bracket. For adrenaline addicts looking for a tool that'll capture your adventures without putting too much of a dent in your bank balance, this is the action cam to buy. 

For a list price just shy of £180 (with regular discounts) the HERO7 White delivers many of the same features you'll find in the pricier HERO7 Black, as well as all the ruggedness, usability and quality you'd expect from a GoPro. For that sub-£200 price, you're getting stabilised 1080p video, waterproofing to 10m without a case, and super-easy editing via GoPro's smartphone app. 

There's even voice control – great if you're immersed in an activity that requires both hands, wearing gloves, or have your GoPro mounted to a helmet. And while you'll need to stump up for the next model up if you want 4K video, the footage quality at the top 1080p60 resolution is impressive, even in dim lighting conditions, and will be more than sufficient for capturing your adventures to share on YouTube or Facebook.

The slick and responsive two-inch touchscreen provides speedy access to playback and settings, so you don't miss a moment. GoPro's intuitive interface means even total beginners should have no trouble getting to grips with it. 

Long has GoPro reigned supreme when it comes to action cameras, and it's testament to just how good this brand is that if you're looking for a wallet-friendly option, one of its discontinued cams is still the model to beat. Our advice? Pick one up now before they become too rare. 

Full shortlist: Olfi One.Five Black (second gen), GoPro HERO7 White, Sony HDR-AS50, Akaso V50 X, YI 4K.

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