T3 Awards 2019: innovative NEFF N 70 B57CR22N0B oven is a best buy all-rounder

This energy-efficient stainless steel treat will let you master meal time challenges with ease

NEFF N 70 B57CR22N0B

It’s a tall order to find an over that can do it all, but that’s what we love about the NEFF N 70 B57CR22N0B and why it steals Best oven at the still-ongoing T3 Awards 2019. As well as being nigh on perfect for everything from cooking Sunday roasts through to delicate baking challenges, the pyrolytic slide and hide single electric oven comes with a host of cool features.

Slide and hide? Yup, the NEFF N 70 B57CR22N0B packs innovation into its sleek stainless steel design in the shape of a clever retracting door, which is a real bonus if you’ve got a cosy kitchen layout. The benefit of this bit of engineering is that it allows you to take a quick dip inside to check how your recipe is faring, or to baste a bird or joint in almost F1 pitstop style.

NEFF N 70 B57CR22N0B

Quick and easy access to the 71 litre interior is one thing, but it’s the way the NEFF N 70 B57CR22N0B gets the cooking job done that’s most impressive. NEFF’s own CircoTherm heating system means you get fast, precise and efficient cooking. We think this works best for baking, with controls that allow you to tweak and fine-tune the level of heat in the oven with really impressive accuracy.

Central to that is the 2.5-inch TFT display with Neff’s so-called ShiftControl. It delivers a fast way of picking through the 12 different heating options. Having precise control over your cooking does, as we mentioned, make the NEFF N 70 B57CR22N0B super useful for conquering tricky cake recipes, dough proving and bread baking too.

NEFF N 70 B57CR22N0B

However, with impressive grilling capabilities and slow-cook, low heat aspects of the machine proving very tidy the NEFF is nothing if not a great all-rounder. Add-in rapid heat functionality and a Sabbath setting and you have a hugely capable appliance. We’ve also been consistently impressed with the quietness of this oven, so much so that it’s almost easy you’ve forgotten you’ve put it on.

Therefore, we also think the automatic switch off feature is very reassuring if you’ve gone out for the day and can’t quite remember if you’ve programmed your NEFF to quit after a certain amount of cook time. No worries if you’ve got it set on a high heat for example, as it’ll switch off after a couple of hours.

NEFF N 70 B57CR22N0B

As you’d expect from an oven at the top of its game, there’s an A+ energy level rating plus pyrolytic cleaning throughout. This means you’ll spend less time scrubbing it – a wipe down of the stainless steel exterior is all that really needs to be done. The practical pyrolytic usefulness extends to the included proof tray holder and baking tray too, and those things normally get super cruddy in no time.

NEFF has cooked up a deserving T3 Awards winner here.