T3 Awards 2019: AEG Comfortlift finally removes the rigmarole from dishwashing

Dishwashers are cool but you still have to fill and empty them whereas AEG’s machines offer a refreshing new way to go

AEG Comfortlift FSS62800P dishwasher

The AEG Comfortlift dishwasher is our current favourite machine for cleaning dishes, scooping the 2019 T3 Award for, logically enough, Best dishwasher Not only does this integrated 13 place dream machine look the business, it’s also very smart too.

One of the key areas of appeal has to be its ComfortLift drawer, which AEG has designed to make the unavoidable load in and load out rigmarole that little less tedious. In fact, it’s managed to make the chore a breeze. Simply pull it out, the drawer rises up and you’ve got convenient waist-level access.

Being able to pile cutlery in to a high-level drawer helps take the strain out of dishwasher loading duties

That’s but one practical point – even though it’s arguably the best feature – because the Comfortlift delivers oodles of space for place setting paraphernalia, including a slimline cutlery drawer at the top of the appliance. You also get a trio of drawers, which can handle plates, cups, saucers and, naturally, pots and pans too.

In fact, the AEG Comfortlift has got the lot in terms of desirability including a pretty quiet 39dB operation. Usability is impressive too, with core controls lined out in no-nonsense fashion along the top of the door. Job done.

The ComfortLift drawer mechanism found in the AEG Comfortlift is a boon for the bone-idle

Meanwhile, an energy rating of A++ means its going to be efficient, while there’s an A status for cleaning and drying performance. On the latter point AEG has integrated a cool feature that means the door opens by 10cm at the end of a cycle to let any moisture out.

That should mean condensation and streak free glassware for the most part. Adding to the consideration for your favourite beer or wine glass aspect is the way soft grip spikes keep everything in position while the AEG does its thing. No breakages either then, we hope.

Rob Clymo

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