T3 Agenda: The mVoice G2, a voice-activated smartwatch. A new mechanical keyboard from SteelSeries. And more!

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In today's T3 Agenda - a smartwatch that enables you to control it via your voice gets a second-generation update; the APEX M750 mechanical keyboard from SteelSeries arrives; and more...

The mVoice G2 smartwatch marries classic analogue stylings to voice control tech

Martian Watches, creator of the world’s first smartwatch with voice, announces the mVoice G2, the first hybrid smartwatch to feature traditional watch hands with minute and hour markers over a full round power effective OLED display oh yeah, and it's got voice capabilities, too. 

Voice calling and commands offer instant convenience on the wrist with Siri, Alexa and the Google Assistant, giving you a smart choice when it comes to preserving and adapting classic watch design to the digital, connected lifestyle. The mVoice G2 will be available for pre-order later today on Kickstarter, with pledge levels starting at $119 (£90).

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The ten-keyless and compact Apex M750 TKL mechanical keyboard from SteelSeries

SteelSeries has unveiled a ten-keyless variant of its APEX M750 mechanical gaming keyboard, the Apex M750 TKL. This compact and transportable 10-keyless design uses SteelSeries’ QX2 mechanical switches, features a sleek and durable 5000 Series aluminum metal-alloy frame with a black matte finish, ultra-bright, individual RGB LEDs, and is compatible with SteelSeries Engine apps for crucial in-game notifications and more.

The SteelSeries APEX M750 TKL is available now, direct from the firm's own online store, for only £125.99.

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Robot gets bum deal by having to mimic how the human backside moves

Some stories are so silly we'd be mad not to include them. So it turns out some engineers based at Ford's HQ in Germany have been developing a robot that's able to mimic the natural movement of a human bum - a *cough* Robutt, if you will.

The engineers used pressure maps to establish a, “perch pattern,” the data enabling them to test the wear and tear of materials using the robotic bottom (which is capable of simulating ten years of driving in just three weeks). Some robots get all the glamorous jobs. Check the video below for more robotic ass related info.

Get a missile warning app for your phone. No, seriously

So, it turns out an app developer is working on a bit of software that would turn your smartphone into a mobile warning system for incoming missile attacks. So it's meant for use in Japan by Japanese citizens and foreigners living in that part of the world, and has been created in the face of growing fears of attacks from nearby North Korea.

Apparently the firm behind it, Meta Studios Creative Agency, is in talks with the Japanese government with the app designed to provide information such as escape routes and shelters, emergency evacuation zones, hospitals, plus many features, all crucial information to save lives in the case of an attack. It's currently on Kickstarter (in Japanese, mind) here.

The instant flatbread wonder of Rotimatic is now available for pre-order in the UK

Having already garnered success in Singapore and the US since its launch in 2016, Rotimatic - the best way to cook flatbreads of multiple varieties in a flash - is now ready for orders in the UK. From today, us Brits will be able to place our orders of the robo cooking pal that is Rotimatic via its official website.

You can only get in line for one by joining the official wait list, which you can access here. No word on the official UK price, but the US one retails for $999 so expect something along those lines.

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