T3 Agenda: Exquisite viewing with the Loewe bild 5 OLED. Miele launches an affordable kitchen appliance range... And more!

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In the final T3 Agenda of the week, we add some style and substance to our home entertainment setup with the bild 5 OLED TV from Loewe, bring our kitchen appliances into the 21st century with Miele and more...

The ultra-thin bild 5 OLED TV from Loewe is so thin it'll make your smartphone feel fat

German TV maker Loewe is back again, purveying another OLED model that marries '60s-style retro looks with a very modern approach to product design. The bild 5 OLED features a state of the art, ultra-thin 4.9mm-thick screen - it's so thin it'll end up putting most smartphones to shame.

Supporting both HDR and Dolby Vision, the crisp, clean presentation of the OLED-driven bild 5 means your choice of media - whether it be TV, films or videogames - will be channelled through a TV with as much substance within as it has style without. 

The sleek new bild 5 OLED TV from Loewe will be available in two sizes - a 55-inch and 65-inch models - and will come with a choice of two finishes, the natural look of Silver Oak or the high gloss of Piano Black.

Either model comes with an optional soundbar and either a wall-mounted, table-mounted or free-standing option. Prices for the Loewe bild 5 OLED start from £2,990.

Give your kitchen the upgrade it deserves with Miele's new future-proofed appliances

If you're in the market for a new oven or washing machine, and you're looking for the kind of brand that won't let you down, you might want to give Miele's new Discovery range a gander.

First, there's the two new ovens in the Discovery range, the H2265B (£599) and the H2267BP (£799), which boast an impressive 76L capacity (one of the largest on the market for conventional ovens). Both models also benefit from five rack levels and nine operating modes for preparing food, including rapid heat-up, gentle bake, grill, fan plus, intensive bake, conventional heat, fan grill, bottom heat and defrost.

Then there's the four new washing machines and four new tumble dryers. With prices starting from £699 through to £1,099, all models are available with either slanted or straight fascias, and give users the choice of either a 7kg or 8kg model. For more information on the whole Discovery range, and where you can get your hands on one of its models, head on over to Miele.co.uk.

Keep your phone (and your head) safe on the move with the POC and Forth cycle collection

Swedish cycling apparel firm POC has just launched its first commuter-focused range - POC and Forth - which features a vast array of stylish products designed to make your daily trip to and from work that bit more stylish.

The collection features water repellent parkas, windbreakers, chill vests, sunglasses and helmets for both men and women. With visibility being a key factor in the context of safety for urban cyclists, the POC and Forth collection has incorporated this aspect in several ways. 

The Corpora Aid helmet features integrated LED lighting to make the cyclist extra noticeable POC has also developed the app C.Me, for iPhone. Through the voice activated app cyclists can increase their visibility and clearly signal to their fellow travelers in which direction they are heading. On all outerwear in the collection, there is an unfoldable back pocket where the phone can be placed.

No word official prices as yet, but the range will launch in September 2017. For more products from POC, head on over to pocsports.com.

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