STYLPRO launches 10 new beauty tech products...and I want them all

The new products range from light up mirrors to LED therapy machines

STYLPRO 2023 new products
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When considering the worlds of beauty and tech, it’s not normally a combination that you would put together. Whilst there are some brilliant beauty tech devices out there, such as LED face masks and IPL machines, the benefits of them aren't as well known as they should be. Whilst beauty and tech are two industries that continue to attract different audiences and coverage, it's brands such as STYLIDEAS that are aiming to change this. 

STYLIDEAS was born when CEO and Inventor Tom Pellereau won the UK Edition of The Apprentice and gained a 'Shark Tank' like investment from Lord Alan Sugar, British self made billionaire. Each brand under STYLIDEAS (STYLPRO, STYLFILE and STYLSMILE), cover beauty, nail care and teeth whitening, manufacturing some impressive and highly useful products. 

Last week, STYLPRO had a huge update and released 10 brand new products, all surrounding beauty and wellness. Ranging from a number of mirrors to firming devices, keep reading to find out what the new products are and how they work. 

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Say goodbye to crow’s feet, wrinkles and frown lines with the STYLPRO Radiant Eyes Red Light Therapy Goggles. This hands-free solution helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. It is designed to aid smoother, firmer, and tighter skin using regenerative red LED light therapy, a technology proven to encourage collagen production from the body’s own fibroblasts, deep under the skin for a fresher, plumper-looking eye area.



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Forget spending money on expensive eye creams and let the rechargeable STYLPRO Spec-tacular EMS and Red Light Therapy Glasses take care of your under-eye concerns while you sit back and relax. This innovative device combines high-tech EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and red LED light therapy to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. 

3. Make up brush cleaner set (£34.99)


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The STYLPRO brush cleaning gift set is probably the most well known produce manfactured by STYLPRO and they've now released a new version. Not only does this version come with an exclusive blush and white coloured STYLPRO device, but 250ml bottle of Vegan Makeup Brush Cleanser and STYLPRO bowl with a blush coloured neck is also included. There is no greater gift than saving someone of the dreaded hours waiting for washed makeup brushes to dry. The STYLPRO transforms the cleaning process into just seconds! 

4. Twirl Me Up Mirror (£14.99)

STYLPRO Twirl Me Up Mirror

(Image credit: STYLPRO)

The STYLPRO Twirl Me Up Mirror is a lightweight, compact, hand-held mirror, lined with an LED ring light for the perfect lighting when getting glam on the go! Simply twirl the rotating handle to activate the LED ring light for that flawless glow. With a USB charging port and protective bag, you can take it with you anywhere.

5. Melody Mirror (£40.00)

Melody Mirror

(Image credit: STYLPRO)

With the STYLPRO Melody Mirror, you can enjoy a range of features that enhance your beauty routine. From a simple touch of a button, you can play your favourite playlist via Bluetooth whilst applying your makeup and take advantage of the various light settings to achieve your desired look. 

6. Flip 'n' Charge Mirror (£29.99)

Flip ‘n’ Charge Mirror

(Image credit: STYLPRO)

The STYLPRO Flip‘ n’ Charge is a compact mirror that charges any phone device whilst you’re on the go. Its bright LED ring light will give you the perfect reflection whether you’re out with the girls or travelling. With a USB charging port, you can take a Flip ’n’ Charge with you anywhere!

7. On Tour Petite Travel Mirror (£25.00)

On Tour Petite Travel Mirror

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Turn every touch-up into a full glam experience with the STYLPRO On Tour Petite Travel Mirror. Getting ready on the go doesn’t have to be a tricky process; instead, let this super-handy travel mirror make the whole thing a breeze! This portable, lightweight travel mirror has a fold-flat protective case that doubles as a vertical or horizontal stand, and it’s also equipped with built-in LED lights.

8. Pure Red LED Light Therapy Facial Device (£99.00)

STYLPRO fabulous firmer

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The STYLPRO Pure Red LED Light Therapy Device targets deep into your skin, helping to stimulate collage production and promote a vibrant, radiant glow. Experience the power of advanced LED technology combined with the soothing warmth of a heated glass head. Red LED light therapy promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin, encouraging naturally smoother skin, which is why STYLIDEAS have harnessed its power in their latest invention.

9.  Toastie Tummy Period Cramp Soother (£34.99)

Toastie Tummy Period Cramp Soother

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The Toastie Tummy Period Cramp Soother is a wearable, rechargeable device that gives completely natural, comforting relief from menstrual cramps, so you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. The period pain solution uses 3 modes of soothing heat and vibrations to ease the discomfort of aches and pains, with no drugs, chemicals or side effects - just warming, gentle massage. Pop the kettle on, start your favourite Netflix show, and relax!

10. Black and Silver Beauty Fridge (£54.99) 

STYLPRO beauty fridge

(Image credit: STYLPRO)

As the original model was so successful, with over 250,000 sold globally, STYLPRO have now launched a new beauty fridge in black and silver. Store everything from your favourite serums, face masks to moisturisers and beauty tools in this sleek beauty innovation, proved to heighten performance and preserve the quality of your products. Check out our guide on the benefits of beauty fridges and how you can use one.

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