Stunning Voxi SIM only deal: 12GB data and unlimited social media for £10/month

Scroll until you drop with Voxi's endless social media and 12GB data SIM Only deal

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Voxi has become very well known for its SIM Only deals and for good reason: if you're looking to get your social media fix and don't want to commit to a long 12-month contract, there really is no better alternative. To prove the point, Voxi has a new deal on offer: 12GB data (usually 6GB) + endless social media = £10/month.

Before we continue, let's quickly recap the benefits of SIM Only. Normally, your contract includes both your smartphone and data, leading to a higher monthly price, especially if you have a new iPhone or Galaxy. SIM Only only handles the data part of the equation, letting you swap phones, use WiFi hotspots, and whatever else.

Buying your own phone can have serious upsides, especially if you plan on keeping the same handset for a while, and you're more than likely to get higher data allowances for a similar price. Case in point: 12GB data for £10/month here.

Voxi offers a pretty interesting service. Unlimited social media basically means Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and others don't cut into your allowance, freeing you up to use that on other things. If you keep exceeding your cap due to infinite scrolling, Voxi has you covered.

VOXI SIM | One month contract | 6GB 12GB data | Endless social media | Endless roaming | Unlimited texts and calls | £10/month from Voxi

VOXI SIM | One month contract | 6GB 12GB data | Endless social media | Endless roaming | Unlimited texts and calls | £10/month from Voxi
Voxi is a part of Vodafone, ensuring excellent coverage across the UK, but with a load of perks: endless social media being the main one. 12GB data is a plus, too. The offer ends on October 29.

So, if you're looking for some freedom from a lengthy and expensive contract, Voxi may well have you covered, offering generous data allowance, unlimited social media, and a few other perks besides for a mere £10/month. Don't miss out.

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