Stunning new Citizen watches use Tosa Washi paper as a translucent dial

The thin paper allows light to seep through and power the Eco-Drive movement within

The Citizen Iconic Nature collection on a reflective surface
(Image credit: Citizen)
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Citizen have unveiled a new range called the Citizen Iconic Nature collection.

Interestingly, these use Tosa Washi paper on the dial, which allows light through to charge the battery.

We can be relatively fickle people, us watch enthusiasts. We argue over the most minute of details as though the difference is a matter of life or death.

Often, that can lead to us missing the really good stuff. Take this release, for example – the Citizen Iconic Nature collection.

This uses Japanese Tosa Washi paper on the dial. This incredibly thin – yet durable – paper allows light to pass through it. That makes it great for use in things like screen doors, but also makes it a really useful material for this watch.

See, the Eco-Drive movement uses light to power the watch. That means you'll never need to replace the battery, and you'll be able to top up the charge by simply shining a light on it.

The translucent nature of the Tosa Washi paper on this dial allows light to pass through and charge the movement effortlessly. It's not just a functional part, either. The texture of those dials showcases the natural texture of the paper, and looks absolutely stunning.

That sits within a stunning, highly polished case. That's made of titanium here, too, for a nice lightweight feel on the wrist. That's attached to a crocodile leather strap, for the ultimate classy appearance.

Don't think this watch is just a pretty face, though. Users can expect an incredible accuracy of +/- five seconds per year on this watch. That's staggeringly good, and should ensure users can keep time effortlessly.

These certainly aren't cheap watches, though. Prices range £2,795 to £2,995, placing this among some pretty tough competition. That's the market segment occupied by the likes of the Tudor Black Bay and the Bell and Ross range.

That's certainly not to say that this won't stand up within that market. Citizen make fantastic watches, and these look like some of their best yet. In short, if you're in the market for a dress watch in that price range, this should definitely be on your radar.

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