Strava’s new Family Plan helps you stay fit and frugal with your workout buddies

Sweat together, save together, argue over routes together

Strava launches Family Plan
(Image credit: Strava)

In a groundbreaking move that combines fitness with family and friendship drama, Strava, the leading digital community for active people with more than 125 million athletes, has just launched its Family Plan.

No, it's not a group therapy session for your dysfunctional family; it’s a shared annual subscription that lets you and your three closest (or least annoying) friends, family members, or workout buddies stay motivated together while saving some serious cash.

Announced at Camp Strava 2024, the company's annual event that’s likely less about s’mores and more about sore muscles, alongside the much-requested Dark Mode, the Family Plan promises to bring people closer—digitally and in real life.

All you need is to ensure everyone lives in the same country and isn't already subscribing to Strava.

According to Strava’s research, over half of their athletes are motivated by seeing their friends and family work out. It seems nothing says "I love you" like a little friendly competition.

And with 77% of users feeling more connected when they see their friends' activities, the Family Plan is set to leverage this digital bond to help you train, compete, and explore together.

“The magic of Strava lies in the motivation found in our global community," said Zipporah Allen, Strava’s chief business officer. "The new Family Plan makes it even easier to make a fitness commitment together. It's about more than just setting shared goals; it's about embracing shared passions and celebrating collective progress."

What exactly does this magical plan include? Each member unlocks full access to a suite of powerful features:

  • Goals: Set weekly goals to chase progress, have fun, and keep each other accountable (or just to one-up each other).
  • Workout Insights: Easily digestible analysis of activity data for training and chasing progress (because nothing says love like a well-constructed data chart).
  • Group Challenges: Unlimited access to Group Challenges to strive for shared goals and bragging rights.
  • Routes: Create, discover, and share routes, making it easier to plan trips and group adventures that’ll have you questioning who thought that 10-mile hike was a good idea.

Available in 32 countries, the Family Plan offers up to 50% savings on average compared to individual annual subscriptions when shared among four people. Cost will vary by country, but you can check out the specifics at Strava.

Matt Kollat
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