Step into history: Limited Edition Chore Boot celebrates Muck Boot's legacy

Muck Boot's snazzy new boots look the part

Muck Boot commemorates 25th anniversary with Limited Edition Chore Boot
(Image credit: Muck Boot)

Muck Boot is celebrating its 25th anniversary since its inception in 1999, with 5 October marking National Muck Day and Muck Boot’s official anniversary.

To commemorate the big day (well in advance), the brand is launching the 25th Anniversary Chore boot, a limited edition version of the company’s top-selling wellie boot.

We love the Original Muck Boot Company here on T3, and they are featured in our best wellies for men guide, too.

In our Muck Boot Calder Boots review—the one featured in the guide—we said the boots do more than most people expect wellies to do.

They provide waterproof performance (of course) backed up by excellent grip, thermal coverage, intelligently zoned foot protection, and superb levels of comfort.

As for the limited edition wellies, they are stunning in their iconic Muck Green, with reflective silver highlights and a special commemorative logo.

The boots not only pay homage to their heritage but also showcase the craftsmanship that Muck Boot is known for.

The Chore Short Boots feature the XpressCool lining technology to ensure your feet stay dry and protected all day.

Designed to be a trusted companion for a diverse range of outdoor enthusiasts, farmers, and workers, these mid-height boots boast a 100% waterproof design, 5mm neoprene construction, and easy-to-clean rubber, ensuring they are as practical as they are stylish.

Available now at Muck Boot UK and Muck Boot US, the Unisex 25th Anniversary Chore Short Boots have a recommended retail price of £140/ $130

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