Sony reveals even more PSVR 2 games, including some stone-cold classics

Sony's VR lineup includes some first-gen VR titles, but they're getting a serious upgrade with the PSVR 2

Rez Infinite
(Image credit: Sony)

Sony's PSVR 2 will live or die based on the games you can play on it, and the list of PSVR 2 launch games has just expanded to include some must-play titles.

According to the official Sony blog, the new titles include multiplayer PC VR shooter Pavlov VR, 3D jigsaw puzzler Puzzling Places, survival adventure Song In the Smoke and several other VR experiences. But the ones I'm really excited about will be very familiar: Thumper, Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect: Connected.

I've played all three on my first-gen PSVR, and they're among very few games where the VR novelty didn't wear off. And they're going to be even better on PSVR 2.

Why I'm excited about these older games

If like me you're currently losing most of your life to Vampire Survivors on Steam Deck or Game Pass you'll know the value of a good game mechanic: there's something about certain games that gives you that "just one more go" feeling. And all three of these titles do just that. I could happily live inside Rez Infinite, while Thumper's rhythm action and Tetris Connected's surprisingly emotional impact make them both very special.

These aren't just straight PSVR 1 ports. Tetris Effect is getting eye tracking, headset feedback and DualSense feedback, and so is Rez: Infinite. According to the developers you'll be able to aim at enemies simply by looking at them. And as for Thumper, it's going to look spectacular in 4K.

Not all prices have been revealed, but if you already own Tetris or Rez you'll be able to upgrade each game for $9.99/€9.99/£9.99. All three titles will be released during the initial launch window, which begins on February 22. 

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