Sony gives away must-play PS5 Lego title for Christmas

Lego always makes a great gift

Lego 2k Drive
(Image credit: Lego)

If you're struggling for a Christmas gift for a loved one, Lego is always a great option, and Sony clearly agrees. The PlayStation Plus free games for December include indie gem Sable,  wash 'em up hit Power Wash Simulator (yes that's a thing) and the main dish of this gaming Christmas dinner, Lego 2K Drive.

Available for both PS4 and PS5 from the 4th of December, Lego 2K Drive is the spiritual successor to some of my favourite games as a child, the Lego Racers series. With a beautiful open world to explore (all made of Lego of course) players can race around on the track road, off-road and on the sea with each vehicle transforming between three different modes. The racing is definitely more Mario Kart than Gran Turismo (with particular emphasis on drifting) but that's surely what you want from a Lego game. There's also a pretty fun story much like other Lego titles.

Lego 2k Drive

(Image credit: Lego 2K Drive)

More true to life is the car creator which is essentially a giant box of all the Lego you could ever imagine. It's the standout feature of the game and genuinely mind-blowing what you can create, and you don't have to tidy up afterwards. You can place bricks one by one or even follow instruction manuals for real Lego toys if you're after that building sensation. If you'd rather just drive then there are pre-built cars to choose from too, including a licensed McLaren F1 LM, McLaren Solus GT and a van in the shape of a chicken.

Of course racing games are ideal multiplayer fare and Lego 2K Drive features both online and local split screen options. 'Bricking' your best friend/rival with a spider web (like a banana skin in Mario Kart) will never not be satisfying. 

If you're lucky enough to get a PS5 for Christmas, don't dilly dally and download this game before it disappears from the monthly games list, it's a great post-Christmas Dinner family game too!

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