Smart home bundle deal offers 40% off Blink Outdoor & Blink Mini camera kits

Get the Blink Outdoor & Blink Mini together for $84.99 in this smart home bundle deal at Amazon

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Home security has become even more accessible with the rise in smart home security cameras, like the Blink Outdoor, Indoor and Mini kits. If you’re looking to update your home security, you can find top bundle deals on the Blink Outdoor and the Blink Mini camera kits at Amazon.

Originally priced at $134.98, the Blink Outdoor Camera Kit with Blink Mini is now $84.99 (37%), saving shoppers $49.99 on these premium smart home security cameras.

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This smart home security deal comes with the Blink Outdoor – 1 Camera Kit and Blink Mini. If you want more outdoor security, there are also deals on the Blink Outdoor 2, 3 and 5 camera kits, all come with the handy Blink Mini as its companion.

Blink smart home cameras monitor, record and alert you to any disturbances both inside and outside the home. Wireless and battery powered, Blink cameras are easy to use via the free Blink Home Monitor app.

The Blink Outdoor is one of the best security cameras and the best outdoor wireless security cameras. It features infrared night vision, HD video and two-way audio monitoring designed to watch and keep your home safe day and night. For the inside of the house, the Blink Mini plugs into any room and is easily set up within minutes without professional installation.

To view the Blink Outdoor – 1 Camera Kit and Blink Mini deal at Amazon, click the link above to improve your home security.

Blink Outdoor – 1 Camera Kit with Blink Mini: was $134.98, now $84.99 at Amazon

Blink Outdoor – 1 Camera Kit with Blink Mini: was $134.98, now $84.99 at Amazon
This bundle deal includes the Blink Outdoor – 1 Camera Kit and the Blink Mini, ideal for monitoring, recording and viewing your home from all angles at all hours of the day and night. The Blink Outdoor has a long lasting battery life of up to two years and is built to withstand the elements. Both the Blink Outdoor and Blink Mini have two-way audio features so you can see, hear and speak to people outside and inside your home in real time.

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