Skype for iPad released

VoIP giant finally heads to Apple tablet

App hits App Store, but is then promptly pulled because of 'premature release'.

Skype for iPad has finally landed. The VoIP app has been a long time coming to Apple's best-selling slate, and sneaked out last night, before being pulled by Skype, saying it 'went live prematurely'.

However, the web calling giant says the app will be back soon. And with it will come an iPad-centric UI which can handle breezy contact access, phone calls and video. What's more, you can even use instant messaging while you're on a video call.

The iPad 2 gets the full gamut of functionality, while the original tab can only receive video, seeing as it doesn't have a front-facing camera.

We'll be keeping our eyes on the App Store today to check just when the Skype app returns. And rest assured that when it does rock up, you'll be the first to know. Check back here or take a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Mashable