Sky Glass is getting more major updates - everything you need to know

Both the Sky Glass and Sky Stream are improving all the time and these are all the free new features being added very soon

Sky Glass
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Launched just over a year ago, the Sky Glass has proven itself to be a huge hit offering a new way to make the most out of Sky TV without having to faff around with a satellite dish, all you need is a decent internet connection at home. 

One of the best TVs you can buy for its extra features - it's not just smart, it's super smart, improving regularly with fresh updates rolled out to it every month for free. Some of the adjustments are small and not really worth mentioning, but others transform how customers use and navigate the TV almost entirely. 

In the last year, those changes included a more efficient way to use the playlist that takes you directly to the content you’ve chosen and the addition of the Apple TV+ and Spotify apps expanding the amount of content at your fingertips. 

I've been hearing all about what's to come next at the Sky HQ in Isleworth, and it sounds like both Sky Glass and Sky Stream users can expect to see some quite significant changes to their set and to the overall operating system in the coming months. I for one, am pretty excited about trying them out. Here are all the new features you need to know about.

Personalised lists  

Personalised lists are perhaps the most interesting newcomer to Sky's Entertainment Operating System. It will allow each family member to create their own playlist of TV shows and movies they’d like to watch, so yours won't get clogged up with stuff you have no interest in like your children's Paw Patrol episodes. You can also create a shared playlist that caters to everyone. This feature looks set to change the game, giving a more personalised experience for everyone who uses the TV on a regular basis. 

Sky Glass

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A continue watching rail  

As things stand, when you start watching something but don't finish it, you can find it lumped together with your playlist on the homepage.

Soon they will be separated into two: a playlist section that you'll be able to find further up the homepage, below your recommendations, and a different continue-watching rail. While this might not seem that significant, it will definitely speed up how long it takes you to pick up where you left off.

You'll also now be able to start watching your Prime Video content directly from the rail which you couldn't before, no need to wait for this feature though because it has already been rolled out.

News ways to discover content

Not only is Sky making it quicker and easier to find your saved TV shows and movies, but they're also giving you more ways to discover content by adding a 'because you watched' section to the homepage which will recommend content that's similar to what you've recently been streaming. Another new way to find things to watch will be by actor, appearing on a dedicated rail in showpages.

When you've chosen a series or sporting event you'd like to get stuck into, it'll display the most recent episode first so you don't need to scroll all the way to the end, and your playlists will show the most recent additions first too. 

Find My Remote 

I am actually really looking forwards to this one because I don’t know about you, but I’m always hunting for the remote. 

Sometime between now and Christmas, you’ll be able to say 'Hello Sky, where's my remote' and it will play a loud beeping sound to help you find it. 

Sky Glass TV with Apple TV+ The Morning Show displayed on it

(Image credit: Sky)

Bluetooth connectivity  

If you wanted to hook up a wireless device to the Sky Glass, you’ll soon be able to do so using Bluetooth. 

Granted the built-in soundbar means that the audio quality is perfectly good as it is without a BT-connected speaker, but if you wanted to watch TV more discreetly with a pair of headphones then this will allow for that.

One shot commands  

Voice search is getting more efficient too - you’ll soon be able to start watching a show simply by telling Sky to play it for you. 

For example, if you say ‘Hello Sky, Play Game of Thrones’ it will take you straight to the content or will resume the series from where you were last watching it. 

Picture upgrades 

Most of the changes listed here will affect both Sky Glass and Sky Stream customers because both of those devices use the same Entertainment OS, but one pretty big update will be exclusive to the owners of the television set. 

Sky will soon be rolling out a free new firmware update to all of its TVs that will deliver shiny new picture quality with better local dimming, more screen brightness, bolder colours and higher contrast. I saw the old and new software side by side and I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised by the difference it makes, it’s almost like having a whole new TV.  

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