Sky Glass and Sky Stream get 4 great free entertainment upgrades

Update introduces Netflix enhancements and more

Sky Glass
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky is pushing an update for its Sky Glass and Sky Stream devices that add several new features to make life more simple for users.

The brand calls its platform Entertainment OS and version 1.2 is rolling out now to the connected TV and streaming box. It adds a new feature for the playlist, a tweak to the show pages, and better integration for Netflix content.

In addition, voice commands for the Women's World Cup have been added to make it easier to catch matches.

Manage all playlist feature for Sky Glass and Sky Stream

The Entertainment OS v1.2 update adds a new "manage all" option for playlist. This makes it easier to control all of the content across multiple personalised playlists.

We loved the fact that Sky added profiles (personalised playlists) earlier this year. However, if you wanted to tidy them, it meant having to go into each playlist and delete content individually. Now you can do so from a gathered manage all section, which shows all the shows and movies across each profile.

You can also more easily move content from one playlist to another.

Restart comes to show pages

Until now, if you wanted to watch a show from the beginning, you have to select the live stream and a "watch from start" pop up would appear. However, that could present you with spoilers as you get to see the live broadcast for a few seconds before you get to click.

That might not be bad for some shows, but sports broadcasts could show you the score, for example.

Now Sky has added a "watch from start" button to the show's homepage. This will begin the programme without any spoilers.

Netflix comes to continue watching rail

You can now see Netflix shows and films on the continue watching rail, so you can jump straight back into paused content without having to open Netflix first.

Clicking on them will open them in Netflix, of course.

Voice commands for the Women's World Cup

Sky often likes to add new voice commands for special events and you don't get much more special than a World Cup. There are plenty of new commands that have been included to help you jump into the action more quickly, including "it's coming home" and "FIFA Women's World Cup live" – so you could say something like, "watch Women's World Cup 2023" and it'll head to the latest programming.

The update should have arrived on your Sky Glass or Sky Stream box already. You can check the settings to see what version of Entertainment OS is currently running. 

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