Simba’s new bed range is customisable, stylish and seriously comfortable

Simba launches its first customisable bed range to help you find your perfect sleep set-up

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Simba has just launched its first customisable bed range, designed to help customers create their own unique sleep sanctuary. With over 500 combinations to choose from, Simba’s new bed collection is comfortable, stylish and can accommodate all your sleeping and bedroom needs.

British mattress and sleep tech brand, Simba has become a prominent name in the bedding industry. Its range of hybrid mattresses offer unrivalled support, comfort and breathability, and many of its mattresses have made their way onto T3’s list of the best mattress

I’ve tried my fair share of Simba mattresses, including the Simbatex Foam Mattress which is often applauded by many when they come to stay in my guest bedroom. But every person is unique and has their own sleep needs. Some people will prefer a firmer mattress while others like to be swaddled and sink into a soft memory foam mattress.

With this in mind, this new furniture launch from Simba is sure to appeal to many who find choosing the perfect sleep set-up challenging, especially when shopping online. Simba has now expanded into its bedroom furniture with its new customisable beds collection.

The six beds available to customisable are the Camden, Didsbury, Huxton, Ludlow, Melrose and Wilmslow bed frames. All six beds are available in a range of sizes, colours, and storage options, and have been crafted using high quality upholstery so they support your mattress properly while offering a stylish look in your bedroom.

Simba Hybrid Ultra Mattress in bedroom

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To customise your Simba bed, you can choose between different base, headboard and fabric options. In addition, you can select the type of storage that you want, including two drawers, four drawers, an ottoman layout or no storage at all. You can also choose the colour of the bed frame. There are six options, ranging from the neutral cloud grey to the vibrant peacock. The beds are available in single, double, king and super king sizes.

The new Simba customisable beds are built to support you and your mattress when you sleep, while also providing storage and perfectly pairing with your bedroom furniture and decor. What I was a little disappointed by when going through the customising process was that you don’t get recommended a Simba mattress to go with your bed base.

Having said that, when you purchase a bed with Simba, you can choose a mattress to go with it and you’ll get money off your purchase. With the new customisable bed launch, you can get 10% off your bed base when you buy it with a mattress. And if you keep up-to-date with Simba, you’ll know that Simba runs mattress deals all year round, so you can get up to 40% off a new mattress right now, too.

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