Simba Hybrid Luxe mattress is scientifically engineered to deliver deeper, more restorative sleep

We take a closer look at the 10 (count 'em) layers that make up the brand new Simba Hybrid Luxe

Simba Hybrid Luxe
(Image credit: Simba)

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The Simba Hybrid Luxe is a brand new mattress from the British sleep technology brand, and this time it has upped the ante with a whopping 10 different layers. Simba calls it 'the next generation of intelligent hybrid design' and there certainly seems to be a whole bus-load of innovation packed in. 

The 31cm deep Hybrid Luxe sits right at the top of the Simba lineup, above the seven-layered Pro model that we awarded a full five stars in our Simba Hybrid Pro review, and which is currently placed at number 2 in our best mattress UK guide. At the cheapest end of the range is the Simba Hybrid, which despite having a paltry five layers has still managed to scoop 12 industry awards.

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Simba Hybrid Luxe

(Image credit: Simba)

Each of the materials in this multi-layered marvel is designed to provide something different, the theory being that they all combine together to give you the deepest, dreamiest sleep you've ever had. At the top you'll find a thick and plush open-cell sleep surface atop a layer of bamboo wool, which is naturally antibacterial as well as being temperature- and moisture-regulating. Somewhere in there middle there's open cell foam with graphite particles to deliver the body-moulding support of foam but without the sweatiness, as well as three layers of different sized springs, for yet more airflow and support.

“The Hybrid Luxe represents the pinnacle of our design team’s hard work and innovation," says Simba CEO Steve Reid. "It's the evolution of our Hybrid and Pro lines that make them the world’s most five star reviewed mattresses.”

We're currently trying out the Simba Hybrid Luxe and a review will follow as soon as we've had a chance to really put the testing hours in. We're impressed so far. At ticket price, a UK Single will set you back £1099, a Double costs £1599, King is £1799 and Super King is £1,999. But we wouldn't put too much stock in these numbers, you're likely to be able to score a Simba discount code or deal to knock that down – the current 30% off offer being an excellent case in point.

Shop the Simba Hybrid Luxe at (opens in new tab), with 30% off for a limited time. Alternatively, see how the three mattresses compare here (opens in new tab).

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