Simba Performance Mattress Protector review: a deluxe, quilted design that shields your mattress

With its quality, quilted design, the Simba mattress protector certainly looks and feels luxurious. But does it guarantee a perfect night's sleep? Here's our review

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Simba Performance Mattress Protector review
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T3 Verdict

The Simba performance mattress protector is a premium protector that puts quality and comfort first. Its quilted, 200 thread count offers extra protection and comfort, while specially designed to be breathable and hygienic.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Quilted and thick

  • +

    Soft and comfortable

  • +

    Strong quality

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Probably too warm if you sleep hot

  • -

    Not waterproof

  • -

    Only washable to 40C

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Simba is an award-winning sleep company known for its high-quality bed products, so you would expect nothing but the best. So how does the Simba Performance Mattress Protector compare to the rest of the best mattress protectors

This mattress protector is slightly quilted (although not thick enough to be considered a mattress topper), and designed to add a luxurious, comfortable, breathable layer to your mattress. I decided to put it to the test to find out whether it does the job, and truly lives up to the 'performance' moniker.

Mattress protectors are designed to keep mattresses clean and free from dust-mites and odours. They're also often waterproof (or at least water resistant) for any messy spills or leakages (think toddlers!). Importantly, they need to do all this whilst also being breathable and comfortable to ensure a great night's sleep. They come in all different sizes and styles to fit your bed, and if you've invested in one of the best mattresses, are a no-brainer if you want to keep it clean and fresh for as long as possible. 

Read on for my full Simba Performance mattress protector review. T3's automatic price widget will pull in the best current prices, but there's also a dedicated Simba discount codes and deals page that's worth a check before you hit buy.

Simba Performance mattress protector review: design

The Simba Performance Mattress Protector doesn't come flat-packed in a plethora of plastics and cardboard. It's simply folded snugly in its trademark blue box for quick and convenient access, so ready to use. While mattress protectors and luxury are words that we don't usually associate together, Simba has made sure this is no ordinary mattress protector. Its quilted construction is made from a 200 thread cotton count and 200gm fill, making it super-soft with a luxe feel and appearance. 

Another key feature is the Bi-Ome technology that 'specifically attracts microorganisms' and eliminates them on contact. In other words, this makes it more hygienic in stopping the growth and spread of pesky bugs and bacteria. Note, it's only washable to 40C – to reliably kill off dust mites and other allergens, you want to be able to wash at 60C. 

Simba Performance Mattress Protector review

(Image credit: Simba)

The Polypropylene layer acts as a handy barrier against stains and spillages, so your mattress will always stay fresh and odour-free – although note it's not waterproof, so won't protect against bigger spills. In addition, the protector is more breathable by allowing air-flow to help you keep cool and comfortable at night. Best of all, the materials contain non-harmful chemicals, making it eco-friendly and safe to sleep on. 

Designed to be sturdy on the mattress, it has bound edges (the overlocked stitching neater than a duvet), to fit snugly under the corners of any mattress up to 40cm deep. Another bonus is the mattress protector comes in eight different sizes, so there is a suitable fit for everyone. These include five UK sizes (single, double, king, super king, small double) and three EU sizes (single, double, queen). So no excuses for finding the wrong-sized protector that won't cover your bed correctly!

Simba Performance mattress protector review: comfort

One thing about most mattress protectors is that you're usually aware it's there. But out of the protectors I've tested, the Simba mattress protector can easily be mistaken for posh bed linen. 

With its 200 cotton thread count, this makes it extremely soft to the touch, thick and durable. And compared to other protectors that can feel somewhat scratchy on the surface, it has a high-quality, luxurious feel. Fitting it on my double mattress was simple and took just minutes, neatly tucked under and fully secure. Unlike other mattress protectors, there was no fussing around the bed, straightening out any creases. 

Another notable thing with mattress protectors is that you can usually hear/feel the scratchy surface under your body, particularly if you're a restless sleeper like me! However, this super-soft protector didn't keep me awake with any disturbing rustling underneath the bed linen. This could also be down to the fact that its 200gm fill makes it extremely supportive, so it stays firmly in place. 

Simba Performance Mattress Protector review

(Image credit: Simba)

Bear in mind that it's thicker than most, so be prepared to feel warmer than usual. Since I'm prone to getting cold during the night, I didn't mind this, but this may be a problem for those who tend to overheat at night. So while this may be ideal for those chilly nights, it's probably not a great option for summer nights.

Now for the waterproof test! Not content with spilling tea over such a luxurious cover, I opted for water spray to see how this would withstand leaks. The droplets simply sat on top of the surface, without going through. Having said that, this probably wasn't put to the full test with a leaky toddler or messy child!

Overall, the design and construction does offer a cosy and comfortable night's sleep. In fact, I'd slept so soundly, I even forgot that the protector was under the bed linen, which is always a good sign. 

The washing instructions state you can wash with similar colours but recommended to use non-bio detergents only, and use on a cool tumble dry setting. In any case, always check the care label instructions first before washing. It's not that cheap, but considering its design, comfort and durability, you will be getting much more value for your money in the long-term.

Simba Performance mattress protector review: verdict

If you're after a functional yet luxurious layer to protect your mattress, the Simba Performance Mattress Protector is impressive. Well-constructed with a quilted, 200 thread cotton count, it feels super-soft and thick. The special Bi-Ome technology offers protection from bacteria, spills and odours to prolong the life of your mattress.

Just note that it is thicker than most protectors, which may not bode well for those who get hot and sweaty at night. However, it does the job and is cosy enough to ensure a comfortable night's sleep.

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