SIM-only deal: First month free, then unlimited data for AU$35p/m from Felix Mobile

Try the environmentally conscious, unlimited-data telco for nothing

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The days of paying per text on a mobile plan are long dead. Felix Mobile is a telco company running on the Vodafone network that seems to believe the days of paying for data will soon go the same way. This latest offer from Felix is bringing you an incredible first month of unlimited data, calls and texts for free, before going back to its standard price of  AU$35/month

This ripper deal is available to any fresh faces signing up with Felix,. provided you sign up before December 3. This offer is accessible by using the code FLX during checkout if you decide to sign up.

As well as being an excellent option for those in Australia, Felix give you the nifty option of a AU$5/month add-on to set up unlimited international calls and texts to any of a list of 40 selected countries

In addition to representing some excellent savings, Felix is making huge strides in the telco space to lead the way for green communications. Felix is Australia’s first telco company to run 100% off of renewable energy, and the Australian Government’s Climate Active initiative has certified Felix as carbon neutral too.

The only point to watch out for is that all plans come with a speed cap of 20Mbps. This is by no means slow, but is not the lightning speed you’ll get from most at-home connections. If you’re looking to compare that speed with the one you’re currently running on, we can recommend this speedtest for a direct comparison with your current mobile internet speed versus what Felix would cap you at. 

The process for signing up with Felix is simple – if you’re keen to sign up, you can either download the Felix app onto your mobile device from the Apple or Google stores and complete the process in-app, or sign up in-browser.

The process involves making an account, ordering a SIM and checking out. Again the code FLX will take the cost of the first month off of your order. Following this you are not locked into a contract of any kind. The service simply rolls over month to month unless you decide to pause or cancel it, both of which are free to do.

If you’re wondering if you get to keep your number throughout this process don’t stress, the answer is yes. Felix gives a simple 3-point plan on how to switch your number over.  

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