Significant PS5 DualSense controller upgrade is finally here

Players can get hands-on at last

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After news broke of its existence last month, the wait for a serious PS5 controller upgrade is finally over. Boot up your PS5 from today and you'll be able to download System Software Update 9.00. 

The PS5 controller is already choc full of features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, but it is the built-in microphone that has recieved some love in this latest update both for input and output. It won't match having one of the best gaming headsets but the speaker's volume will now go much louder for both voice chat and in-game audio. When it comes to game audio coming from the controller, that can sometimes feel like a bit of a gimmick but if you haven't got your headset with you the voice chat boost could be pretty handy. 

Speaking of voice chat, the update also brings a new machine-learning model that reduces background noise and game audio when speaking into the controller's mic. For multiplayer games, particularly shooters, clear communication can be the difference between winning or losing so this is much appreciated. Remember too if you don't want to use the controller's speaker or microphone, you can always hold the microphone button to mute one or both (when it goes yellow). 

DualSense controller (close up)

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Outside of your gamepad the system update has a few more changes for your console itself. For starters and much to the relief of those who have their console in the bedroom (and on rest mode overnight) you can now control the brightness of the PS5's power light, which is by standard set to the brightest setting. While you can make it dimmer, you can't yet turn it off altogether. 

Screen share mode is also getting a fun way to help/sabotage your friends. When spectating friends you can now use a pointer to help guide them or emojis to taunt them for trusting you. 

One problem that can't be addressed via software is joystick drift. I personally have been through several pads after the sticks have become misaligned. But having upgraded to the DualSense Edge, I don't need to worry about that anymore (I can just replace the sticks instead). 

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