Should you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch Ultra and Galaxy Watch 7?

Where are the best offers on the latest Samsung wearables? Here.

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Samsung has unveiled three exciting new wearables at its Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, all of which we expected to see based on rumours circulating around the internet. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see the Samsung Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch Ultra and Galaxy Watch 7 in the flesh.

And if you fancy any of the new wearables wrapped around your wrist (or finger), you’d better check out the convenient pre-order options below. We've made it easy for you to get your hands on the new Samsung merchandise. You’re welcome.

Sadly, not all of the new watches and rings can be bought at a lower price. The most sought-after model, the Galaxy Ring, can only be purchased for full price directly from Samsung. The new smart ring will set you back £399/ $399 – sad, sad times.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch Ultra is making everyone drool, but at full price, it’ll set you back £599 / $649. It can only be acquired via Samsung.

However, you can save up to $320 on the Galaxy Watch Ultra with an eligible smartwatch trade-in. You also get a one-year Samsung Care+ subscription and an additional Watch Band. The $320 discount is based on the $200 Enhanced Trade-in bonus and the $120 trade-in value of an eligible Galaxy Watch6 Classic.

Better still, you can save 50% on a new Galaxy Watch Ultra when you pre-order a Galaxy Z Fold6 or Z Flip6, saving you $445 in the process. Admittedly, a new Flip 6 will set you back $1,463, but you’ll recuperate some of the cost. The offer is valid from 10 Jul 2024 until 23 Jul 2024.

The Galaxy Watch 7 has the best discounts of the lot. It’s not only the cheapest wearable from the South Korean brand by a large margin (from £289 / $299), but you can also save up to $220 on the Galaxy Watch 7 with an eligible smartwatch trade-in. This offer comes with a one-year Samsung Care+ and Watch Band, too. This is the ultimate trade-in offer! 

To answer the metaphorical question posed in the headline, it's well worth getting the Galaxy Watch Ultra if you want to upgrade your Samsung handset. The Galaxy Watch 7 is a no-brainer upgrade if you want to change your older Samsung wearable to a new one. As for the Galaxy Ring... there's no rush. 

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