Shazam on iPad update brings auto-tagging and new design

iPhone/iPod version also updated with interactive tagging map

Tagging app Shazam has gone social thanks to a new interactive mapping feature which lets you see where people are tagging and what they're tagging

Shazam has launched an updated version of its iPad app bringing with it the ability to auto-tag with the app in the background and see an interactive map showing what people are tagging and where.

Both the iPhone/iPod and iPad apps have been updated but the unique ability to tag in the background is a feature that will sadly be only heading to the iPad version.

A new 'cover flow' style homescreen has been designed as well showing top tags allowing the user to swipe through the charts until they find a track they like.

Automatic resubmission is now present which means that if you tagged it in an area with poor signal the app will automatically resend the tag the moment you have signal.

Thanks to a new partnership the new app now comes with support for Rdio as well which means that if you have a paid subscription you can simply take a tag and then listen to the whole song within the Shazam app.

Shazam also claims to have increased their tagging speed with second-quick tagging now a possibility. All these new features aside from auto-tagging will be heading to the iPhone/iPod and iPad versions of the app.

The Android Shazam app will be getting these new features in just a few weeks time.