Shark launches most clever and convenient vacuum cleaner yet

Shark launches the Detect Pro, its smartest vacuum to date

Shark Detect Pro launch
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Leading floorcare brand, Shark has just launched a new vacuum cleaner, and it might be its smartest yet.

Shark is best known for its extensive range of vacuum cleaners, including cordless models and handheld devices. Adding to its collection, Shark announced four new cleaning solutions this week at IFA 2023.

The most impressive and the vacuum that I think will be the most popular and in demand is the Shark Detect Pro. Having got to see it in action at IFA 2023, I’m seriously impressed with its power, functions and looks… which is a lot to be praised when it comes to a vacuum cleaner!

The new Shark Detect Pro is packed with convenient features that quickly and automatically react to cleaning challenges. The vacuum has powerful suction that offers 50% better pick-up than its predecessors. With four deep-cleaning technologies under its belt, it cleverly and automatically reacts to the dirt it sees and senses, meaning you don’t need to worry about changing its settings while you clean.

One of the most impressive features of the Shark Detect Pro is its FloorDetect function. FloorDetect automatically identifies the floor type it’s working on and optimises its performance to deliver the best clean. The vacuum still has Shark’s popular Anti Hair Wrap technology, and coupled with FloorDetect, it increases brush-roll speed for deeper cleaning on carpet.


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The other three deep-cleaning technologies include DirtDetect, EdgeDetect and LightDetect. The first mode detects dirt you can’t see and boosts its suction power accordingly, while EdgeDetect senses the edges of your home and adjusts itself by moving away from the corners and even readjusting its suction direction. LightDetect illuminates darker areas, making it even easier to suck up hidden dirt or dust.

Overall, the Shark Detect Pro is pretty impressive. But what I think makes it even more clever is its Auto Empty Base, which is the first-ever of its kind from Shark. Once you dock your vacuum into the base, it’ll automatically empty itself, hygienically, conveniently and effectively. Having seen it in action and even smelled it (stay with me), it limits how often you need to empty your vacuum and keeps the dirt that it stores anti-allergenic and anti-odour.

Alongside the Shark Detect Pro, Shark also launched three other cleaning products. The Shark HydroVac which is a 3-in-1 cleaning solution, the Shark Stain Striker, a portable device that can be used on multiple surfaces specifically for stubborn stains, and the Shark Carpet Expert, which eliminates dirt, odour and liquids without soaking. Not a bad showing at IFA 2023!

The Shark Detect Pro is available in three models both with and without the auto-empty base, and in a flex wand or straight wand format. It’s expected to be released in September 2023 on the Shark website.

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