Shark caters to carpet flooring with its new range of portable carpet cleaners

Shark’s new carpet cleaners banish stains and odours without oversoaking

Shark carpet cleaner launches
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Shark has just launched its latest cleaning solutions specifically for carpet floor types. As announced at IFA 2023, alongside the new Shark Detect Pro cordless vacuum cleaner, the new Shark carpet cleaners eliminate dirt and odours without overly soaking your floor.

Shark has had a busy year, launching its new best cordless vacuum cleaners and adapting streamlined solutions for different cleaning needs. When it comes to cleaning your carpet, you might be thinking that hoovering before putting down some fragrant carpet cleaner is a job well done. In fact, this doesn’t do the full works of removing dirt, debris and smells from your carpet fabric, but instead can make your carpet look, feel and smell worse overtime.

To combat this problem, Shark has just launched its new range of carpet cleaners, including the Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner and the Shark StainStriker. These household cleaning appliances feature specialised formulas that get rid of stains and odours, plus they’re portable and easy to use on multiple surfaces to get rid of tough dirt.

Currently, there are two CarpetXpert models up for grabs: the Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner (EX150UK) and the Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner with Built-In StainStriker (EX200UK). The latter is a powerful carpet cleaner that has a stain and spot cleaner built in for precise cleaning and stain removal. It provides an 8x deeper clean than a regular vacuum cleaner and is best used on carpets, rugs and upholstery.

The most annoying thing about carpet cleaning is how wet the carpet can get and how long it holds this liquid for. This is one of the many reasons people avoid cleaning their carpets as it takes too long to dry and you have to avoid certain rooms until it does so you don’t get your feet wet.

With the Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner with Built-In StainStriker, the device uses powerful suction, a high speed brush roll and high pressure spray. This combination allows the cleaner to get deeper into the carpets’ fibres and extract excess dirt and liquid for faster drying. It also prevents it from overly soaking the floor. At £299.99, the Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner with Built-In StainStriker also comes with multiple attachments, including tools for pet stains, crevices and hose cleaning.

Another new product from the Shark carpet cleaner range is the Shark StainStriker Pet Stain & Spot Cleaner (PX200UK). This stain striker is built into the CarpetXpert but you can also buy it on its own for £149.99. Ideal for carpeted homes and pet owners, Shark’s new spot cleaner is designed to eliminate and remove stains, spots, odours and pet messes in your home.

The Shark StainStriker Pet Stain & Spot Cleaner is great for targeted cleaning alongside your standard vacuum cleaner (see the best Shark vacuum cleaners for our favourite options) and can be used on carpets, rugs, sofas, upholstery, cars, stairs and pet beds.

After being announced at IFA 2023 earlier this month, the new Shark carpet cleaners are now available to buy at Shark and select retailers.

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