Sennheiser rocks up to IFA with next-gen headphone range

Including three new additions to the affordable HD 400 series

Sennheiser has turned up to IFA 2015 with a raft of new headphones that we're confident will make their way on to many audiophiles' Christmas lists.

Let's delve in. First up, we've got three new additions to the HD 400 series; known for offering high quality sound at affordable prices. The new models are the HD 451, HD 461 and HD 471.

All three are over-ear headphones with closed-back designs that are lightweight and durable, giving wearers the freedom to enjoy their tunes anywhere. They're similar – each powered by Sennheiser's proprietary neodymium magnets - but cater to different sound preferences. The HD451 and HD 461 feature powerful bass, whereas the HD471 offers a more balanced, lifelike sound experience.

All three are designed to be used withmobiledevices, so there's no need to worry about whether your phone or tablethas enough power for them. The HD 461 cost $90 (around £59), while the HD 471 costs $110 (around £72). We're still unclear how much the HD 451 will set you back.

Moving onto the HD 630VB, which was released back in June. To be clear, this is the big gun for Sennheiser, featuring cutting-edge tech that packs a serious punch. It's another closed-back model that delivers an impressively spatial sound image, while allowing for users to enjoy their listening experience without any distractions. The stand-out feature, though, is the rotary bass dial featured on the can, which lets you customise the bass as you like.

The HD 630VB are currently available to buy at for £399.95, so you best get saving folks. That's not all – Sennheiser has also taken its Urbanite XL and Momentum headphones, both wireless with noise cancellation and hefty battery lives, making them perfect on-the-go. There's also the new Momentum In-Ear headphones for those of you gym rats out there.

Nathan George

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