Save 20% on all Simba sleep products with this brilliant cheap mattress deal – don’t wait for Amazon Prime Day

Simba is matching its best Black Friday deal on the award-winning Simba mattress, duvet and pillows right now

cheap Simba mattress deal
(Image credit: Simba)

If you’ve been waiting for a decent discount before buying a new mattress, today is your day. Award-winning mattress manufacturer Simba Sleep is running a massive 20% off all Simba sleep product orders over £400

This is a fantastic cheap mattress deal on one of the best mattresses you can buy – matching the massive discount we saw on Black Friday, so it doesn't get much better than this. But like all the best Simba mattress deals, it won’t be around for long. This deal ends at 23:59, 12th June, so you’ll need to move fast if it’s of interest.

Get 20% off all Simba sleep products when you spend over £400
We love the Simba mattress and duvet – and now you can save a whopping 20% on all Simba orders over £400. You don’t need a code. Simply add your favourite products to your shopping basket and the discount will be applied at check out. Deal expires: 23:59, 12th June 2019  

So what’s so good about this deal? Aside from the huge discount – which is like Amazon Prime Day came early – the products themselves make this a great-value offer. 

Firstly, the Simba Hybrid sits at the top of our best mattress guide: we think it’s the best hybrid mattress out there right now. It’s a brilliant bed in a box, boasting 2,500 conical pocket springs, foam, responsive memory foam, a “Simbatex” cooling layer to reduce overheating, hypoallergenic outer cover – and comes with rave reviews. The single mattress alone costs just over £400, which means this offer applies to all Simba mattresses (often these deals exclude single mattresses). 

We've also placed the Simba Hybrid duvet at number one in our best duvet buying guide after testing it. It uses space-inspired, phase-change fabric technology to regulate your temperature all year round, making sure you’re never too hot or too cold – and it really works. 

Of course, this deal applies to all Simba sleep products. That means you can also get 20% off the temperature-regulating Simba Hybrid mattress topper, pillows and sheets, as long as you spend over £400. We’re not sure when we’ll next see such a big discount on all Simba sleep products, so if you’re in the market for a new mattress, duvet or more – and are looking for a bargain – we’d advise moving quickly.

Save 20% on all Simba sleep products when you spend over £400
The Simba mattress and duvet are among the best you can buy. This great-value deal now makes all Simba sleep products more affordable, slashing the cost by 20% when you spend over £400. Add the products you want to your shopping basket and the discount will be applied at check out. Deal expires: 23:59, 12th June 2019    View Deal